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Get that look: Perfect 1940’s Victory Rolls

Get that look: Perfect 1940’s Victory Rolls

If you are not a fan of hats and beanies then having a well set do is something that you will be craving as the cooler weather approaches. If you have seen any film noir’s you will have probably spotted this absolutely stunning 1940 classic style. It will take a bit of effort and more than a bit of hairspray but it will withstand the breeze and make you look like a movie star.  Keep reading to learn how to make this fancy 40’s style yourself.





The 1940’s is all about glamour and deliberate stylised looks so frizzy or knotty hair is not welcome. You will need to do some backcombing so don’t add a product at this part. You will need to make sure that your hair is thoroughly brushed and pop in some dry shampoo. This style looks incredible so if you have some balayage hair extensions clip them in now.



Time to backcomb

Divide your hair in two and tie your right side into a pigtail. Section off the front quarter of you hair on top of your left crown. Backcomb the back of this section however you will need to keep the front of it sleek and smooth. Repeat on the right half of your hair.



Creating your victory rolls

To create your victory rolls I like to recycle loo roll cylinders. This may sound out there but they are the perfect size and easy to work with. Use a hair grip to attach the ends to your cylinder and roll you hair inwards towards your head. If the ends of your hair are being uncooperative wet them to calm them down whilst you style. Move the grips from you hair ends to securing your roll to your scalp. Repeat your victory roll creation on the other side.



Sorting the back out

The brilliant thing about this look is that the rolls are going to be the stars of the show so you can really do whatever you want with the rest of your hair. Some great styles that look incredible with victory rolls are a period style under curl and a more relaxed loose curly mane. To under curl, you are going to need your curling wand and some hair grips. The curls at the back should not be layered for this style so make sure that your hair has serum and is blended together nicely. You will need to curl about two to three (depending on how long your hair is) inches away from the nape of your neck in an inwards direction. Grip the ends of your hair to the base of your hairline so that they create a nice looped look. If this seems too formal for your style you can also simply leave your hair down and create some lovely loose curls. These will look big enough to counterbalance your big victory rolls but are way more casual. Don’t forget you spritz on some hairspray and apply some red lippy, you are ready to hit the town.



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