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Water your way to gorgeous hair

Water your way to gorgeous hair

Looking after your hair extensions is absolutely essential but if you don’t take care of your own hair you will not look or feel happy. There are so many things we can do in our hair care routine but with the weather getting colder a routine may not be enough to stop your hair from drying out. What else can you do? Drink! With fruit infused water becoming a massive trend over the summer I thought I would share some winter warmers and cool beverages that will help your hair look fabulous. Keep reading to find your drink hair remedy.

Your hair is almost a quarter water so it is almost obvious that to keep your locks as silky as you want to keep your water intake up. As it is getting colder, cool water is not so appealing right now but herbal teas are the perfect way to warm up and get perfect hair happy.

Teas to tames your mane 

Peppermint tea

This baby is not only great to aid your digestion but are also is brilliant for your hair. A few cups of peppermint tea a week can help stimulate your hair and help it to grow. If you are someone that worries about you hair growing slowly during the colder months or thinning hair this will help you.





Chamomile tea and green tea

Chamomile is known for helping you relax and green tea is known for helping you feel more alert so they seem like they shouldn’t have anything in common but they do. They are both brilliant teas to help with hair dryness. You could add it to your bath and soak yourself in it but if that is not your thing have the green tea in the morning and the chamomile in the evening. Relaxation and smooth hair, sounds like a winner to me.





Hot chocolate with a twist

Come on it is autumn that surely gives you a free pass to have a deliciously chocolaty beverage. If you need an extra excuse to indulge, make a choccy with a twist. By having coconut milk instead of dairy milk (and adding coconut slices on the top for extra flavour). The coconut milk actually is a brilliant option for your skin and your hair if you have damaged hair from heat or dye, add some coconut to your drinks or soups.





Hot water with lemon

We have all heard of hot water a lemon to speed up digestion and help your eyesight but it is also brilliant for your hair. This is highly hydrating for your body and therefore your scalp, say goodbye to awful dandruff this winter. Lemon is a natural cleaning agent so can help to stop the dense greasy appearance and promotes vitality and shines. All the ingredients for a perfect hairdo this change of  season.


You have so many natural goodies all around us and many of these are easy to get your hands on dried. If, however, you want to get the most out of your warm drinks get your ingredients fresh.




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