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Four styles you can do on the bus

If you are too busy in the morning or not a morning person you are part of my tribe. By the time you have woken up, showered, eaten and put on makeup it seems like you are always running for the bus no matter how early you wake up. I say skip the early rises and work smart, not hard. Instead of worrying about deciding between your final touches on your makeup and creating a great hairstyle we are going to show you some simple styles you can create on your way to work.


Wrap around ponytail

This style is all about the texture so to turn a boring ponytail into something special scrunch your hair with some mousse before putting it up. Take a small section and use it to conceal the hair tie by wrapping it around and pin it in place. Tease the ends with your fingers a little and you are done.


The flowing side braid

If you haven’t had time to wash your hair this braid style is great to conceal greasy roots. Finger tease your roots or spritz some volumising spray at your roots for extra oomph. Sweep your hair to one side and create a fishtail braid. Don’t worry too much if not all your strands of hair are tightly in your braid, the loose and ‘messy’ look is fantastic. Pull sections of the braid for more volume and a casual style.


A quick romantic crown

If you have had time to wash your hair but not to blow dry and straighten it then you are onto a winning style. Divide your hair into two pigtails and turn them into two dutch braids. Secure your braids with a clear hair tie. Tuck the left end under the right and pin it in place. Now fold the ends of the right side under and pin so both ends are concealed. Tug on your Dutch braids to give them a wow factor. If you have hair mouse on hand loosely scrunch your braids with that to add more texture and hold.


Double Twisted Ponytail

If you are in a rush but are sick of the typical ponytail then create one with a twist (two in this case). This style is brilliant if you have wet hair. This style is a brilliant way to prep for manicured curls as well as a stunning easy style on its own. If you want it to have the wow factor on its own pop in your ponytail extension super quickly. As it is a one piece it is the easiest extension to stick in your handbag and apply quickly, so there is no excuse not to look fabulous. Once you have your hair into a nice ponytail divide it in two then twist the sections to the right. Entwine the two sections together in an anti-clockwise direction. Remember to twist the sections in opposite directions to make sure they stay in place. Secure the ends together with a hair tie and add a ribbon for that extra special touch.

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