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The perfect party ready fishtail look tutorial

This style is the perfect combination of fun and super stylish and it will blow your friends away. Christmas may be over but the parties are not, next up is the biggest party of the year. New Year’s Eve. Whether you are having a few drinks with friends or hitting the town we all want to look and feel our best before the cameras or phones come out. If you want some low key glamour that will stay in place all night, this is the style for you so keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Prepare your hair

This look is ok with first or second-day hair. As always if you have second-day hair make sure that you add a little dry shampoo to help add some volume and soak up excess hair oil. Now want you to want to do is add a full set of Cliphair extensions. Make sure that they are thoroughly blended and brushed with the rest of your hair. This style won’t require any heated tools but it does need a little grit. So spritz your hair with a good layer of texturising spray to give it an undone yet manageable look.



Step number 2: Create your shape

Choose the side of your face you like to be photographed. The most and create a shallow side part on that side of your face. If you want to add a headband pull out some face-framing strands and put that on now. Gently backcomb the roots on your hair at the top of your head so that you can keep your hair doesn’t look too flat. On the top of your head and keeps you looking glamorous for longer.


Step number 3: Create your braid

Bring the rest of your hair around the back to the nape of your neck and divide it in half. Take a little bit from the outside of the right section and add it to the inside of the left half. Now get a little bit of hair from the outside of the left section and add it to the inside of the right section.

This will create a little cross so tug it a little bit so you can tighten that cross. Repeat this all the way down to the end of your hair. A little tip, as you work your way down and your hair begins to thin out make sure that you make the sections you are taking to the other half become thicker this will help you create a thicker and straighter down to the end of the hair. Secure with a clear elastic hair to at the bottom


Step number 4: Your finishing touches

This is not much you have to do to make this look complete. To ramp up that textured look you can roll your braid in between your palms to increase a few static hairs. If you want to have a cleaner look just tug your rows to make them thicker and you are done.

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