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Summer hair care- how to keep gorgeous locks in the heat

Summer hair care- how to keep gorgeous locks in the heat

I am in love with summer! Barbecues, tans and drinks with friends make you feel so relaxed even if you aren’t going away on holiday. We may not have the world’s most famous beaches but when the sun is out they feel like the world’s most populated. Going for a dip makes your feel divine but all of our summer outdoor pursuits take their toll on your hair. The summer’s heat can have a pretty bad effect on your hair. If you are starting to suffer keep reading, I have some top tips to help.





Damaged locks

This is the biggest problem that I hear from all of you. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting a lovely tan as much as the next girl, but I do know that it isn’t the best for me. We have all heard about how UV is terrible for our skin (and will make our skin look like leather) but it is also not great for our hair. It can drain your hair’s colour and generally look dead. There is not a sunscreen for your hair but adding serum, going heat free or even donning a hat can really help to keep your hair healthy.


Gross roots

Heat is something we expect (or at least hope for) during summer but so many people become surprised at what it does to our bodies. We don’t like to talk about sweat most of the time but I am just going to say it, we all sweat a lot during summer. One of the places you may not even think about this happening is your head. It makes perfect sense when you think that the sun directly beams onto your scalp, it sweats making your roots and the roots of your hair extensions greasy. I am in love with the cold setting on my hairdryer during summer. I find it the best, and quickest way of helping to deal with this. The best thing is that it won’t damage your hair like heat will and it is ultra quick. If you are out and about and you don’t have access to a hairdryer then dry shampoo is a very good second option. Make sure your brush it through so you don’t end up with white streaks.



Dry days

I love dry day but what I hate is dry, frizzy hair days. If you are like me and have wavy or curly locks then this is a battle you will know all too well. The best way to get on top of the frizz before it takes over is with product control. This is going to sound a little bit weird but I mix a little bit of hair oil like pure argon oil or even coconut oil with my conditioner. This will going to be a deeper level and will definitely help you in the battle against frizz. If your ends are still causing problems to go for serum, but the good quality once is thick so you only need a little.



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