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How to revamp flat hair

Straight hair is one of the simplest and sleekest styles that you can rock. Wavy hair may be totally in right now but straight hair is timeless, it comes back time and time again. One of my favourite things about straight hair is that it can work well with long, mid and short hair. One of the big problems I know a lot of people struggle with is having flat hair. There are days when our hair just won’t co-operate but that doesn’t mean we should throw the towel in and stay in bed, even if you want to, today is all about fighting the flat. So keep reading to learn how you can conquer limp locks.

 As most of us are heading into summer your hair is likely to be drier. I am going to give you a three-day hair care cycle. If you wash your hair every day, that is completely your choice, but I would recommend looking into the science behind leaving your hair wash for a couple of days. Check out how fab and full of life the hair of some of Cliphair babes are.



Day 1

When you have just washed your hair there is such a temptation to leave it to naturally dry, particularly in such warm weather. I am not one that loves heated tools, particularly if you already have naturally straight hair. This doesn’t that I don’t use tools at all. Your hair dryer and a barrel brush is amazing to gain extra height to your roots. I don’t use the head on my roots though, I actually set it to cool. It is the air that dries your hair after all. Add some alcohol-free loose hold hairspray to help that root height stay intact as much as possible. If you wear hair extensions every day this is a total must. Now that you have your roots sorted let’s talk about the rest of your hair, texture spray is your best friend. This helps give your hair some gripping which is really helpful for styling and helps to make your hair look fuller.



Day 2

Good morning! It is time to brush out any tangles that have formed overnight and assess where things are up to. If your hair is staring to form a but more oil at your roots, that is good so don’t rush for the shower too quickly. Before you reach for the products that will help you manage your oil brush your hair. As I said earlier it helps to get rid of those awful tangles but it also helps your hair oil to go further down your strands to where your hair is the dryest. This will stop you haven’t to load on extra products on day three to keep your ends smooth. To stop your hair from going flat day two is all about dry shampoo. I have quite thick hair, particularly with my hair extensions in, so I divide my hair into rows and focus the dry shampoo at my roots. You can brush it through but I feel like that flattens your hair again so I massage it in with my fingers.




Day 3

It is time to wash. Try to use shampoos that are SLS free so your hair is full of life and has that healthy bounce to it. I only shampoo to the nape of my neck as that is where the majority of hair oil is. By not adding conditioner to your roots but rather your neck downwards it takes some weight off and stops the roots flattening. Look out for a conditioner with natural oil in it like olive, coconut or argon for shine and nourishment.






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