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Oceans 8 hair file

Oceans 8 is hitting the cinemas, I am so excited! It has all the action and drama of the other Ocean films but with a healthy dose of girl power. Our jewel thieves are hitting the MET in search of all things shiny and expensive. Speaking of expensive, these ladies looked a million dollars in their different styles. So let’s check out how the Oceans 8 ladies rock it.



Rhianna’s hair is such a statement look and has gotten tongues wagging. It acknowledges not only the singer/actress’ Jamaican roots but the character’s as well. I am in love with her dreads and how she accessories her locks with scarves.




Sandra Bullock

Sandra is rocking her natural brunette locks but that doesn’t mean she has allowed her to look to be boring. She is so on trend and casually stylish with extra long waves that will blow in the wind whilst she is being fabulous. If you want to look this glamorous make sure that you put in your hair extensions so your hair is full and lush.



Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is one of my favourite actresses, in part, because she is able to transform herself so completely. She has been a redhead and rocking curling locks as Queen Elizabeth 1 and looked totally classic. She is so much edgier in Oceans 8. I love her with ice blonde hair. With this long bob and awesome blunt cut fringe, you can tell her character is going to be gutsy and fun to watch.



Anne Hathaway

Girls get your hair extensions out Anne is showing up how to rock uptown style. You can not have the most amazing style with hot shoes, coat and killer sunglasses without fabulous hair. Side swept and face-framing curls are glamour down to the t. make sure that you add hair extensions near the nape of your neck and make the curls extra tight there, you will give your hair extra body that way.


Helena Bonham Carter

This look may not be one that you would wear every day but couldn’t you just imagine it in a Vivian Westwood show? I love that floral motif that has been used in her dress has been continued onto her hair. This is perfect for this season so even if going big isn’t your style floral hair accessories are always a hit.




Sarah Paulson

This look is not dissimilar to Anne Hathaway’s but it is the less manicured version. Run your fingers through your curls to make them seem more natural or scrunch your hair with some hair mousse to get the worn-in look.




Mindy Kaling

Mindy is looking fresh and like a preppy princess in this outfit. I could imagine this look on the everyday girl. Not to say she doesn’t look fab but her success is in the simple design and elegant execution. Mixing lighter brown highlights and long sleek hair looks great.




Her style speaks volumes so she has paired down so her accessories pop. A centre parting is this year’s go to so when in doubt try splitting down the little.

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