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1918 look book. Suffragette inspired tutorial

They say no idea is a new idea and I believe that is true. We get inspiration from the world around us and the past. 1918 was an incredible year that changed a lot World War 1 ended and we got the vote after a lot of struggle. I don’t know about you guys but I get really inspired knowing that Emmeline Pankhurst and her followers made such a difference and they always looked proud and beautiful doing so. You probably don’t realise it but so many of the up-do looks that you wear today are inspired by this era so today’s tutorial is going to show off some of my favourite looks from 1918. if you love Downton Abbey, you will love these so keep reading.


The roll up

I love this look with both wavy and straight hair. It looks elegant either way. If you have some hairspray in don’t wash it out but if you have a lot of serum in add some texture spray so it isn’t too oily. Start by creating a shallow side part. if you have layers separate the layers at the front and pin them out of the way. Add hair extensions to the underside of your hair for thick and divide into three (as if you are about to create a three-strand braid). First focus on the centre section, start from the ends and roll your inwards towards your neckline and pin it so it is secure. Don’t be afraid to use a few pins. When you move onto the side sections twist them before you wind them inwards, this will allow it to hold shape easier. If you have the layers left out create loose twist braids with them (so they look more like curls) and pin it along the top of your rolls. Add hairspray and you are done!


Pomp and grandeur

This hairstyle is amazing and reminds me a little or the opera scene from Pretty Woman. Like 2018 in 1918 curls were all the rage. They didn’t use heat to create them but slept with their hair rolled around pieces of fabric. I think we can cheat a little. Make sure the ends of your hair is protected, you have hair extensions at your crown and start curling. You only want loose curls so I would suggest dividing your hair into smaller sections and curling it with the larger side of your barrel. Once they are all cool go through your hair and tease the roots of all of your curls for extra body. You will need to tease further up the hair at your crown, for height, but don’t worry it won’t be seen. Pull out any smaller sections of hair that frame your face or are at your neckline and curl them so that they are tighter curls. The rest of your hair you are going to sweep back, section by section, and pin at your crown. You still want the curls at the end to show so it will end up looking like a bun of curls at your crown. Don’t be afraid to use lots of pins and hairspray.



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