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Quick Bohemian Braid look

I love this time of the year. As it gets warmer and there is a reason to dust off your beautiful summer dresses and feel relaxed and free. I feel like the flow of my dresses are perfect to compliment a beautiful flowing bohemian hairstyle. Today’s look is just that but it isn’t the traditional half down style, instead, I want to show you a gorgeous bohemian braided look I found on Pinterest. It is stunning and won’t blow around in the wind. Keep reading this step by step tutorial to achieve the look yourself and, when you do, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram.




This is a look that is absolutely stunning and I as I have said above has a flowing look. It is impossible to get this effect without long thick locks. If you have short hair you won’t be able to complete the detail and if you have thin hair it will look lifeless. So the first thing to do is to make sure you have your hair extensions in. make sure that your hair is nourished and apply some heat protecting serum to your hair extensions and hair. Curl your hair with the wider part of the curler so you end up with long, large curls.



Crown focus

Your crown is an area that, without height, can make the whole style look flat. Focus on this section first. Don’t go right up-to your hairline or your ears just the section at the top of your crown. Divide this section into rows and tease the roots to create extra height. Smooth the top and pinch the section at the back, pushing it up and pin into place


Creating your braids

Take the hair that is left over from the crown section and divide it into two. You will be creating two three strand braids with the remaining hair and the hair on your neckline directly below. Tug on the sections to ensure that the braids are voluminous. Use a concealed hair pin to secure the braids together.


Time to twist

Now its time to move on to the hair near your ears. And hair lin creates a shallow centre parting in front of your crown section so you know you are working with an even amount of hair. Make sure they are smooth as they will be the most visible sections from both the front and the back of your head. Separate a few strands around your temples and to frame your face. Divide your remaining two sections of hair into half so you can twist your hair strands around each other. I tend to do this towards my head, I feel like it holds better. Tug on these sections a little so they look fuller and more eye-catching. Tie each of your rope braids with a clear hair tie then bring them around the back of your head and wind them around each together. I like to think of it as the same motion as tying a shoelace. Hide the ends in your crown and you are done!


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