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3 ponytail hairstyles to try this summer

It is summer woo! We have had some insane weather but it has still been hot. Heat and thick hair is not a good combination. I don’t know about out guys but in summer, having hair on my neck makes me super hot and uncomfortable. I hate to lose the thickness I get from my extension because I just don’t feel myself without them but it can make the heat issue worse. Ponytails are the perfect way to keep your hair extensions in and looking fab but staying cool.



Dutch headband

Divide the hair on top of your ears to your hairline and tie the rest out of the way. You are going to create a dutch braid headband starting at your left ear. Divide your section into three and fold your thirds underneath each other. Travel the braid over to the right ear and continue it to the end and tug on the braid so it looks fuller and secure with a clear hair tie. Add your hair extensions to the rest of your hair if you haven’t already got them in. You are going to incorporate the end of this braid into the low ponytail you are about to create with the rest of your hair.



Twist back ponytail

Put your hair extensions in and lightly curl the ends of your hair. Take two small sections near your temples and bring them together, securing them with a clear hair tie. Make sure the hair tie isn’t too tight as you are going to loop it over and through the gap. Tug on the twists so they look full. You can repeat this three more times by taking the sections either side of your head around the nape of your neck. This will keep the rest of your hair contained and it looks beautiful.



Long wavy ponytail

This year is all about full wavy hair so it makes sense that a lot of you want to incorporate that into your ponytail styles. Start by curling each section and hair spraying it. Once all the curls are cool and set lightly brush them out to create big waves. Pull out a few strands that will frame your face and set them out of the way. Tease the hair at your crown just under the top row of hair so you have a lot of bodies and smooth over the top. Divide your hair into four horizontal equal sections. You are going to create four mini ponytails with these but make sure that is directly underneath each other. This will allow each of the ponytails to flow over each other like layers so it looks like one long wavy ponytail. I would add a bit of hairspray to finish, particularly at the top of your head. This look is really popular for going to parties and barbecues and if you are in the mood for adding a flower garland or glitter roots it works brilliantly as well.


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