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Romantic Alternatives To Valentine’s Day Dates

valentines day date

Just like all our normal routines are changing, Valentine’s day also looks different this year. Home dates already became the new normal. And it seems like we are celebrating this romantic day at our homes as well.

But do not let this stop your romance. We have listed many romantic home alternatives to your regular Valentine’s day dates. And we have the tips to get ready for your date too.

valentines day date

Gorgeous Dinner Date

Let us start with an easy one. Normally restaurants get booked weeks in advance when it comes to Valentine’s day dinner. This year, unfortunately, we may not be able to celebrate our love in a fancy restaurant, but we can have the same dinner at home.
Order a take away from your favourite luxurious restaurant, set up the table with the fancy china, dim the lights or light a candle.
And most importantly, get in the mood. Get dressed for your date, put on a nice makeup and do your hair.

Best hairstyle for the dinner date; balayage hair.

You can make a nice surprise to your partner with our balayage hair extensions. With our clip-in balayage hair extensions, you can change your hair colour with the balayage effect in 5 minutes without a drop of hair dye. 

valentines day date

Romantic Walk

As the days are getting longer now, we can take advantage of evening walks more. Hold your partner’s hand and go for a romantic walk in the sunset. The colours of the sky will get all your romance back.

Best hairstyle for the romantic walk; high ponytail.

Walking in the fresh air is the best. But if there is a little breeze, our hair can get on the way. You need to keep fixing your hair, stop it to stick on your lipstick and get messy.
The best hairstyle to do when you go for a walk is to put your hair into a ponytail. And you can get the voluminous ponytail look with our clip in ponytail extensions is just a few minutes. So, you can have your Valentine’s day walk in style. 

valentines day date

Photobooth Romance

Every day that is spent with your loved one is special. But some days and memories definitely need to be saved. Make this Valentine’s day a one that you will remember.
We can all use some cheer in these times. So why not do a photo shooting session with your partner? Get ready and take pictures in different settings, backgrounds, and outfit. You can mix it with some funny ones too. This way you will both have fun and save your memories.

Best hairstyle for the photobooth romance; Ultra volume

Our Ultra volume hair extensions are the most preferred by models and Instagram influencers. The Ultra volume clip in hair extensions give you the most voluminous glam hair and you will look your best on the photos. You will recognise your stunning hair even after years when you are looking at the pictures. 

valentines day date

Valentine’s Cuddles

Even before the lockdown Valentine’s day date usually ends with some lovely cuddles. You hold your partner close and think about what a lovely day you spent together. You can put on some nice romantic music, wear your special nighties, and perhaps even open a bottle of bubbly or if you are an early riser, perhaps a cup of coffee.
The perfect ending for the perfect day!

Best hairstyle for the valentine’s cuddles; long hair with permanent hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions should be taken out when you go to sleep. But you can sleep very comfortable with your permanent hair extensions. If you don’t want to take off your hair extensions when you go to bed, we recommend you prefer our tape in, micro ring or bonded hair extensions. This way you can continue your romance without getting disturbed. 

We hope that you enjoyed our Valentine’s day ideas. Why not share your Valentine’s day date pictures with us? Share on Instagram and use #wearcliphair hashtag. We would love to feature you on our page.

We wish you the best Valentine’s day this year!

For more information why not speak to our team of experts. 

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