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#healthyhair How to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends are a constant battle for ladies who love their hair. While they can never be completely eliminated, it is worth taking the time to style and groom your locks in ways that protect the ends, rather than exposing them to more damage. Ultimately, the only way to get rid of the dreaded split end is to snip it off, but this just isn’t a viable solution for everybody.

You might be trying to grow out your hair and be steadfastly against the idea of a cut. Or, you might simply be in between salon appointments, but want to fix your tresses up sharpish. Well, the good news is that there are a number of ways to improve the look of split ends and protect the hair from further damage. Even better is the fact that most are really quick and easy.

Keep reading for some handy hints and tips on the best ways to defeat your split ends fast.


Prevention Is Better Than the Cure

To really get a grip on your split ends, you first need to realise that prevention is everything. It is much harder to reverse and disguise damage than it is to simply stop it from happening in the first place. Your hair is fragile, delicate, and in need of protection. Whether it is minimising time spent with the straightening irons or daubing your tresses in fruity hair masks; whatever you need to do to nurture it, do it.

Cut Down on the Chemicals

We put an awful lot of artificial ingredients and chemicals on our hair. From cheap dye kits to perma highlights, hairspray, and straightening balms; these substances damage the cuticle and break down the ends. Unfortunately, the only real way to avoid this is to cut down on the amount that you use and this can be tough for some people. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you have to entirely give up your favourite products. You could swap them for earthier, more natural ones. And, instead of dying and re-dying highlights, use hair extensions as a chemical free alternative!

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Beat the Heat as Often As You Can

The same rules apply to heat based styling methods, which really do wreak havoc with the health of hair. Things like curling and straightening actively change the protein structure of hair, so you’re not just causing superficial damage. Once again, it isn’t as if you should throw your tongs out of the bathroom window and vow never to use them again, but if possible, do try to cut down on the frequency of heat based styling. Spend one or two days in the week embracing your natural waves and curls.

Take Your Vitamins Every Day

If nutrients are what your hair needs to grow faster and repair damage at an accelerated rate, they are what you should be taking. Two supplements in particular – biotin and folic acid – are known to have a wonderful impact on the health of hair. They are both B vitamins, so they increase shine, length, and thickness. If you don’t like the idea of taking supplement pills or capsules, you can get plenty of folic acid in soybeans, wheat, oranges, and green leafy vegetables. Biotin is found in lentils, rice, peas, and things like walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Cover Ends in a Hair Mask

Or – and this is a much more fun approach – you can treat your hair to a luxurious deep conditioning mask. There are endless recipes that you can try; a quick google search will bring up hundreds. One of the most popular ingredients, however, is avocado. You can make a powerful hair mask by combining one mashed avocado with 2 tbsp of egg white, and 3 tbsp of a high quality olive oil. Apply it to the hair and leave it to set for sixty minutes, before thoroughly washing and rinsing.

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