Although we spent winter witnessing the limelight getting stolen by brunettes, blonde seem to be the shade to be this spring.

Remember “wheat blonde”, the Hollywood favourite seen on Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Aniston, Laverne Cox and Cara Delevingne?

Nectar blonde is the latest arrival in the blonde-craze family, with its rich and creamy tones and highlights, on the trail of what was announced not too long ago as “expensive blonde”.

“You’ve all heard of the expensive-brunette trend, now this is what I’m calling expensive blonde,” celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, European creative director for Evo Hair, told his audience on TikTok and Instagram. But does this shade look like, and how does one achieve it?

Spring Hair Colours: Nectar Blonde – Tones and Warmth (back to index)

Thinking of ice blonde? Let it go. Wheat blonde? Gone and forgotten. Following the trend of the 70s and the return of the Schiaparelli pink in fashion, nectar blonde serves the purpose of completing a look. Its tones are warm and creamy, almost (but never) brassy, highlighted by streaks of platinum for a golden, sunkissed effect.

The colour works best on layers, adding vanilla cream highlights to lighten up the golden shade around the frame of your face.

Spring Hair Colours: Nectar Blonde And The Retro Blowout (back to index)


As this shade is rich in texture and layers, the best way to enhance its colours and depth is to pair it with a big, fluffy haircut. Think of layers, feathered hair and/or big, bouncy 90s blowouts. Need a visual? 90s Madchen Amick, 70s Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett and 80s Cindy Crawford; go big or go home! Fluffy hair and bouncy waves compliment highlights and nuanced textures like nothing else.
Work your way up thinking in an antigravitational way rather than weighing your tresses down.

Spring Hair Colours: How To Achieve Nectar Blonde With Hair Extensions? (back to index)


You read about it, you’ve seen the photographs, and you can definitely see yourself in this golden shade for the upcoming season. Where do we go from here?

First of all, this shade is not recommended for those whose natural colour is too dark. The undercoat revealed by a bleach job would be too orange and purple shampoo is a no go as nectar blonde thrives on the warm tones of honey and gold. If your hair is medium to light, you will need to guide your colourist during your appointment: dark blond roots, honey and golden shades on the lengths, and finally lighter locks (vanilla cream highlights) around the face for a healthy, summery glow.

To get more volume and length, our hair extensions in shade #16 and #27 are the closest match to bring with you to your next appointment with your hairdresser and get that “just came back from my spring break” look!

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A prime example of how to get the best out of nectar blonde is what we have seen on Hollywood’s most relatable actor - Jennifer Lawrence - at the end of 2021, starting the online craze for this creamy shade.

Another celebrity that can be seen everywhere on social medias these days, is Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer. As she makes it to the cover of Harper’s Bazaar December 2021/January 2022 issue, she is rocking a balayage-like edition of this honey-coloured blond trend.

Need any more inspo? Then go and check out Jenna Perry Hair’s Instagram account, where similar golden blonde is on the rise after being spotted on Bella Hadid and Leslie Mann.

Conclusion: (back to index)

Nectar blonde will surely be the most popular shade to wear as the temperature rises, together with the ashier “expensive blonde”, the brunette friendly shade that will co-star in dominating Spring 2022. Both of these looks feature washed out face frames and honey gloss for a romantic, sunkissed effect that will make your features glow!

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