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Gorgeous Easter weekend side bun

A long weekend, chocolate, family, what could be better? Growing up in Sydney I could always remember barbecues at this time of the year and running around with the family and endless photos. I want to share a style that is great for that easter egg hunt and the family and friends pics. This style is pretty and timeless so is the perfect look for those family snaps. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to learn about this amazing style and don’t forget to show it off by #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

Second-day hair is perfect for this style, that slightly ‘undone’ look is absolutely what we are going for. Add some dry shampoo to your roots to give them a little more lift (and make sure they aren’t too oily). This other thing that will really help with this is to add your Cliphair extensions. Something I am not in love with in second-day hair is crazy ends that have a mind of their own. To tackle this add some heat protecting serum to the lower third of your hair and lightly curl your locks before running your fingers through the curls.


Step number 2: your top section

Use a fishtail comb and use your eyebrow arches as a guide to creating separation around the top of your crown. Gather your hair from this section at the back secure with a small clear hair tie, make sure you pinch the hair on top so you don’t lose height. Take a ½ inch section either side of your temples and tie them together over your first hair tie. To add some interest to this section loop your ponytail up and over to create a topsy tale section.


Step number 3: add a little bit of criss-cross.

Having some criss-cross in your hair to go with your hot cross buns is always a good thing. So, take a small section of hair from behind your ear and drape it over the other side. This looks decorative and hides your hair tie. Do the same with the other side but use a bigger section and gather all of your hair on this side of your head. Tie your hair here and divide this ponytail in half with the top half, create a nice loop with the curled ends on the inside. Pin your loop so it doesn’t move. You are going to create another loop on the inside of the first one but this one is going to be horizontal. You can let a few little curls peek out now before you pin this in place. Take out some face-framing curls, spritz on some hairspray and add a decorative hair clip and you are done.

Happy Easter egg hunting


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