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Get the boho look

Authored By Aida Huget

There is nothing better than looking chilled and carefree yet picture perfect. Natural ans relaxed locks that scream low maintenance perfection. Boho is a term that we have all grown to know and love for low key amazing styles. Even the busiest fashionistas can look brill with a boho look. So let’s check out 3 iconic boho styles to look our best when we are busy.


The Band

Hello accessory heaven! The 2017 boho style is here. There are so many different hair bands out there available online and in shops, and we can see why. Whether you are are laid back lady or a high glam girl hairbands are available to suit your style. Silk look bands are obviously for the more upmarket events but if you are loving the indie and boho vibes metal, fabric and flower based bands will become your accessory best friend.


The braids

Small interlaced braids are a staple at summer at music festivals but this style has been worn by boho and beach babes for years. You can try big hippie dutch braids with extensions and volume for days is the style that is set to continue this year however if you want something a little more delicate thin braids ‘barely there’ braids are also super cute.


The Twist

 If you want to look as boho chic as Lauren Conrad try the twist. Simply grab a few thin sections an inch back from your hairline and twist like there is no tomorrow! This do could not be simpler. You can secure it with a hair tie or if you want to try something a little different try a ribbon or some thin rope.


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