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Easy styles for layered hair

Authored By Aida Huget


If you want to frame your face or have naturally thick hair that needs taming layered hair is the way to go. Layers can be a blessing and a curse. If you have are or considering layers check with your hairdresser whether it would suit your face shape and hair type. It is important to get the look that is right for you. I have heard so many of you asking what extensions hairstyles can you do with layers? There are loads I have tried out but today I am going to share with you some of my favourites. Enjoy! <3





braids galore

If you have layered hair you will know there are just some days when your layers will not blend and sit right no matter what you do. If it is one of those days then really the only option you will have to look brilliant and will tame those rouge layers is the braid. There are so many braids to choose from but the braid I have found the best for trapping those fly always is the fishtail braid. My biggest hair hack for this style with layered hair is to add some hair extensions. It really helps you weave the different lengths of hair together smoothly and without losing width. If you want a sneaky way to hide your clip ins as you move about do what I have heard and pop on a hair accessory, it makes your hair photo ready and is perfect for keeping your hair in tact, double win.




The cinnamon roll up-do

This style is amazing for a wedding or another fancy occasion. An up-do like this not only tames your layers but actually uses them for the textures back. This style will require you to be in front of your mirror for this one a have a handful of hair grips to hand. Make sure you spritz with some hairspray to hold and add a ribbon or a clip to finish your lovely look for a big event with your layered hair. If you want this to have a slightly more retro or romantic feel, don’t be afraid to have a few loose strands which you can leave straight or curl for a special occasion. This is a perfect way to draw attention to your eye makeup.




Half up headband wrap

This do is the simplest of the three and is just really nice to do for a casual day out with friends or the family. The great thing about it is that depending on the type of headband that you choose. If you want an edgier look go for a studded band, indie a detailed rope and romantic flower or lace base. To give your half some style you will want to tease the back of your crown section in a Bridget Bardot style. This turns a drab half up style to something that is memorable. The flow of the back will show off your layers and by tucking your manicured front layers into the headband it is the perfect finishing touch.


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