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Easy DIY vegan hair gel anyone can make


This baby is a lifesaver. Gels are so different according to what it is made out of. Some can give you that perfect hold but others feel like you put on a ton and all it feels is greasy but with no hold. If you are very animal-friendly it can be utterly frustrating trying to find a gel that is not animal tested. I mean we still want to create a lovely wet look without a moral dilemma is also perfect to use on your hair’s best friends, your stunning Remy hair extensions. I am here to help by showing you how to create your own wonderful DIY hair gel.


We are using some special ingredients today, not just for hold but also for your hair’s health. The key things you will need are aloe vera and flaxseed. Full of omega 3 it adds strength, helps restore moisture and helps to ward off hair loss. I’m not saying this is a wonder drug but I was seriously impressed at how gorgeous and helpful this gel was.


Get your kit prepared and make your gel

You will probably be able to find most of these goodies in your kitchen but you may have to go to a health food shop. Grab yourself a saucepan and boil two cups of water. Once it starts to boil add 1/4 cup of whole flaxseeds until you see a white froth on the top. Grab a strainer and pour your flaxseeds through it into a bowl. This is where you have a big decision to make. It is time to choose an essential oil. If you want something refreshing try peppermint oil or coconut oil and if you want something a little more floral try lavender or rose. Add 5 drops of your choice to the bowl and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and mix until they are blended lovely. Let the bowl stand until it gets cold then pour it into a container that is completely air tight and put it in the fridge.


How to use

This is brilliant and you can use it essentially the way you would a store bought hair gel. Grab it out of the fridge and grab a teaspoon. This will help you get it out and also gives you a rough idea about portions needed. Rub it between your fingers and work it into your hair to create your perfect look. You can use this on your natural hair as well as your hair extensions as it doesn’t have sulphate to dry them and washes out easily with apple cider or shampoo. This is a brilliant product to twist into your curls if you want them to stay on a windy day, run over a wicked braid so that it stays put. If you want to be very high fashion or are wanting to imitate Mortita Adams at Halloween a wet look style is the way to go.

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