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Things to do when you are dyeing your extensions

Things to do when you are dyeing your extensions
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We all have a creative streak and like to change things up every once and a while. That’s why we love the versatility of hair extensions in the first place. We all know that at Cliphair we have dozens of colours you can choose from but if you are planing on changing your own hair colour and need to change your extensions too then you will need to know the tricks to dyeing your extensions without destroying them. This is super important and loads of us will be dyeing our hair for Halloween either permanently or just for the night. Keep reading to make your extensions sexy, smooth and looking brand new.




Does dyeing work on all extensions?

In a nutshell, no. the key thing to remember is that dye will work the same on our hair if is made of the same thing as our hair. So if your extensions are synthetic don’t even bother trying, good quality Remi hair is required for a beautiful dye job.




Go dark or go home

If you spent most of your teenage years changing colour you will know as well as I do how disastrous highlighting a bleaching your own hair can be. Brittle locks, A dry frizzy top layer and odd orange tinges are not what you want so if you are planning to go lighter with your locks, go professional. DIY extension dyeing is all about funky colours and deep, shiny tones.


cliphair-extensions-dying-extensions-go dark


Choose the tone

If you want to try something more natural try henna but if you are looking for bold colours or something that will last a long time go for a well-trusted brand. Remember going darker often makes your hair shiny-er (which is great). If you are dyeing your hair red or anything with a red undertone, like chestnut, also apply a toner so it doesn’t look brassy.




Get your kit

If you have a couple of old towels (or even t-shirts) you don’t mind being thrown out they will be put to good use here. To keep the mess at bay and allow your dye to set your kitchen foil, cling film and gloves will come into good use. Go to a hair supply store to grab a mixing bowl and brush and a dye and toner of course.


cliphair-extensions-dying-extensions-get your kit


Tips for the dyeing process

The box of dye you have got goes through basic dyeing instructions so I won’t. Instead of rehashing all that I am going to give you some top tip to get your dying fantastic.

1. Find a large uncluttered surface you can work on. There is nothing worse than matting your hair extensions because you are dyeing them too close together.

2. Equal colour to the toner. Check the back of your toner but 1:1 is the general ratio

3. Comb for even dyeing. Before you lay your hair extensions down and brushing on the dye make sure that your hair is carefully brushed and hair product free.

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