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Romantic Rope Braid Style

I know everyone is thinking about Halloween looks but they don’t all have to be scary. I love rope braid and they can be an amazing inspiration for character like a Greek goddess and the queen of the dragons. This look is perfect for running from work and straight into party mode, it holds brilliantly and will make people jealous of you both day and night. If you have naturally curly hair this one will be your best friend, it will have tame your locks but show off a stunningly elegant curl too.



Like all things, at Halloween time this look is a bit dramatic. So whether you are thinking of putting this style to good use at the end of the month or just want to grab someone’s attention you are going to have to think big. When I say big I am giving you a hint that some backcombing will probably be involved so this look is better done on unwashed hair. To save yourself some time and your locks some tangling I would add a full head of extensions for this style, this is perfect if you are planning to ombre red or grey tinge. It will turn you into your Halloween persona in no time.

To create a base to work from with this style scrunch in some Mousse or add some Volume Spray and curl all hair away from your face. Try to keep your curls big to make you are giving your hair as much volume as possible. If you already have curly hair you may just need to help your curls go in the direction you want with some hairspray and a barrel brush.



Grab your fishtail comb and create a centre parting until you reach the top of your head. You are going to create a massive Y shape so you have done the bottom bit with your centre parting, now create the top sections. To do this create a parting from the top of centre diagonally downwards until you reach the nape of your neck and repeat on the other side and clip the side sections out of the way. Horizontally divide the back section in two and tying the bottom part out of the way.

Create rows in the top section, tease your roots and smooth the top layer over. 


The look

Twist the top section at the point that is in line with your ears, lifting it for extra body and pin it in place. Clip the leftover ponytail out of the way for now. Moving on to the bottom section split it in half so you can start your braid. Twist the section in your left hand and cross it over your right section. Repeat this with the section that is now in your left hand and keeps going until you reach the end. Tie the ends with a clear hair tie and gently tug the sections to create more texture. Let down your front right section and create a parting an inch away from your hairline. Create another rope braid with the back half, texture it likes the other braid and secure with a hair tie. Pin it over the roots of your larger braid, making sure you conceal the ends. Repeat on the left side. Let the ponytail out from the top and repeat creating your final braid. Spray to finish this stunning style.

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