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4 Awesome Romantic Half up Styles

4 Awesome Romantic Half up Styles
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Classic, romantic and easy half up, half down styles are amazing. I have to say they are my favourite type of style. With your hair out of your face, it is brilliant and practical and the loose strands at the back add style and make you feel super feminine. Keep reading to check out a step by step guide of four awesome half up styles.


The twisted half up

Clip in your extensions and lightly curl the ends and separate a small section of hair near your temples. Twist your sections and tie the ends together with an elastic hair tie. Take a few strands under your left twists and twist them a few times. Twirl it around your twists and repeat on the right side. Take another section under your twists and twirl them around each side, make sure you take sections of hair closer to the centre of your head. tug on the twirls and your original twists more casual, effortless look.


Fishtail knot half up

Separate a one-inch section of hair either side of your head. Separate each section in two and create mini fishtail braids.make sure you secure each braid with a clear hair tieOnce you have both sides braided down to the ends connect them together and tie them in a tight knot at the back of the head. If you want it to look fancy and be more secure double knot your braid ends and make sure they don’t budge with carefully concealed hairpins. once you have your pins intake your hair ties out.


Flower half up

Divide a section of hair above your ears and tie it up in a mini ponytail with a clear elastic hair tie. Divide this ponytail into half and twist the halves to the right. Now you need to make them interlock around each other in a leftward direction to create a rope braid. Once you have tied off your braid. Wrap your braid around itself by putting the end in the middle and spinning around that. Pin to secure. Take two more strands either side of your flower and repeat the process for three beautiful flowers in a row.


A simple french braid

Create a side part and divide the front section into 3 parts on the larger side of the part. Start your French braid by crossing the front part over the middle and pull the sections tight. Continue to cross the back over the middle, continue downwards pulling it tight at each section and adding strands of hair from the front. Stop adding strands to your braid once you are above your ear but keep weaving your braid until the end and repeat on the other side of your part. Secure your braids and tug on them gently to make them big and beautiful. Pin your left braid across the of your head and your right braid around the top of it. Secure with pins and tuck your ends in to conceal them. Scrunch your lower section of your hair with mousse for extra texture.

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