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Brown Hair Extensions: How to Pick the Right Shade

Brown Hair Extensions

Brown hair extensions are amongst the most popular shades in the hair industry – brown hair is perhaps the most commonly found hair colour in the world. With that, comes some confusion about the different shades of brunette hair extensions available, their undertones and how they look on different complexions. So, today we break down all of our brown hair extensions shades to help you choose the right colour for yourself, with some tips on how to look after these lush, thick, dark locks.

Darkest Brown #2

Darkest Brown Hair Extensions

Our darkest brown shade, Darkest Brown #2. This is a beautiful rich and warm glossy espresso coffee shade oozes elegance and sophistication. The deep brown and neutral undertones of this shade will have your hair looking good any time of the year.

This striking deep shade seamlessly blends with most mid to dark tone brunette colours and will look gorgeous worn straight or curly. It's gorgeous with any look, but really brings out your features when paired with either a strong lip colour, or sultry eye makeup.

Dark Brown #3

Dark brown Hair Extensions (#350)

Our Dark Brown #3 is a mocha-inspired brown with a combination of rich, warm brown undertones. This colour looks very natural, and seamlessly blends natural brunettes or those with dyed-medium-brown hair. It’s also a great shade to help give your face a soft glow.

The warm undertones of this shade look rich and delicious under direct sunlight.

Medium Brown #4

medium brown Hair Extensions (#27)

Our most popular brunette shade, Medium Brown #4. This is a chocolate brown mid tone shade, with some golden and red undertones. The multi tonal colouring system of this shade allows it to blend with quite a few colours even if it isn’t a quite perfect match.

The variety of tones running through this indulgent shade give the hair a beautiful shiny radiant finish, and the shade looks beautiful looks against sun kissed skin. Get that mirror shine for your brown hair extensions, simply apply some and finishing shine spray.

Toffee Brown #5

toffee brown Hair Extensions

A light and warm brown blend of golden and red undertones, this toffee brown shade has a multidimensional colour looks gorgeous when paired with medium, warm skin tones.

This warm shade gives adds some spiciness to your look, the colours combined together make this you the perfect colour for all occasions.

Lightest Brown #6

lighest browbn Human Hair Extensions

Our Lightest Brown #6 shade is a light brown tone combined with brown and gold undertones, this brown is lighter than Medium Brown with gorgeous golden undertones, giving the hair a glimmering quality.

Again, this shade has a multi tonal colouring system, meaning the many different undertones running through the hair allow it to blend easily with a variety of shades.

With flecks of red and blonde that change seasonally, this shade looks pretty with paler skin tones – but can add a kick to darker tones. If you went chestnut at the beginning of the summer, you will have noticed that the golden tones were coming out, particularly at the front if you tie your hair up a lot. As it gets cooler, some of the red will start to become evident in the sunlight, it is so rich a colour and with these undertones is a total October winner.

Mousey Brown (#6B)

mousey Hair Extensions

Mousy doesn't mean boring, our shade #6 is a naturally light classic brown with ashy and cool undertones. It's both flattering and easy to maintain.

This is perfect if you want to enhance your naturally dark locks with rare sweeps of oh-so glossy ashy brown around the face.

Mid Ash Brown #8

Mid ash Brown Hair Extensions

A medium brown with ashy and cool undertones, this shade is a lighter brown with subtle golden, red and ash tones running through it. This makes the shade have a gorgeous shine to it, and the variety of undertones give it an extremely natural look whilst allowing it to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

This gorgeously flattering shade is perfect if you have golden, creamy and ashy brunette hues

Ash Brown #9

ash Brown Hair Extensions

Our lightest ash brown with cool undertones, this is a tone which can be carried off by all skin tones and looks great paired with dramatic makeup as well as a simple glossy lip and lashings of mascara. Ash Brown can look gorgeous when styled poker straight, as it holds a shine beautifully. 

We offer a free colour match service, so if you look at the photos and you’re still not too sure on which shade would be best for you, you can send photos to our colour matching experts on customerservice@cliphair.co.uk who will take a look at your photos and find your perfect match, or you can use our free colour match service.

Looking after your brown hair extensions

Because brown hair extensions often quite dark, they require a bit of TLC to avoid damaging. Read on our top tips on how to looks after your brunette extensions.

We have listed some go-to tips on how to keep your brown hair extensions looking glossy and healthy at all times. This goes the same if you dye your hair extensions brown instead of using hair extensons

Shampoo + Conditioner


The big thing to assess which shampoo and conditioner is right for your is to look at which tone of brunette you have. Each set comes with some form of undertone from copper to rich mocha tones. These will become more or less obvious depending on the season. Using the right products ensures that your undertones don’t make your hair look a funny colour.

You may have heard of purple shampoo to help your friends that dye their hair blonde avoid brassiness and keep their hair colour brighter for longer. This is similar to brunette hair. Instead of purple, blue shampoo is recommended to keep your brunette locks brass free. Why blue? This keeps richer red undertones at bay that are in a lot of brunette colours.

UV protection

Don’t wait too long to use a colour rinse. As soon as you see the red colour is fading between colour treatments. The rinse colour treatment will give extra vibrancy to the hair. This will keep your hair looking fresher for longer and stop you having to dye your hair too soon (let’s face it we all know that dying your hair isn’t great for it). There is a big difference between being a redhead and brassy locks. Colours like strawberry blonde are notoriously hard to master and it becomes hard to avoid the brass. What will help is toner, and don’t skimp on it. This will keep your colour ‘purer’ for longer.

What do you think of brown hair extensions? Will you be trying any of these shades soon? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair to show off your hair extensions.

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