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Why is everyone going crazy about fringes this season?

This year has been dominated by one thing. The bang of the bangs or flurry of fringes are obvious. No matter what you call them, they are the staple of hair fashion this year. Last year was all about bobs and whilst they remain on trend fringes are emerging as a partner to every hair length. From Mila Kunis to Gigi Hadid women from all industries are realising the power of the fringe to draw attention to their eyes and completely change their looks. Today we are going to talk about all the things you need to know about a fringe before you get one, maintenance and faux fringes. Keep reading if you want a fierce fringe.


Find a fringe to suit you, not the other way around

I try to take this as good advice with everything I approach in life, you cannot fit a mould or look exactly like someone else so you have to look at what will suit you. In this case, the biggest factor is your face shape. It is true that fringes are for everyone but not that same type of fringe. The fringe shape, length and style with vary depending on the shape of your face.



The second pair of hands

We have all seen those little kids, and the occasional adult, that has shaggy uneven looking fringes. They have made the rookie mistake of cutting their own fringe. Please never do this! You may think you have a steady hand and a good eye but things never look the same in the mirror as in reality so you have far more chance of having a total hair disaster. If you don’t believe me just look on youtube. Talk to your hairdresser about shape and length, they will give you the best tips and make sure that it is cut perfectly.




Know your hair looks

Something that has come about this year is the modern perm. The 80’s perm may have left a lot to be desired but this year’s perm is stunning. Less frizz and a curly fringe is really an interesting look casually elegant. Big curls are best and if you have naturally curly locks make sure the person cutting your fringe sees it naturally and knows how you will wear it day to day.



How will I know if it will suit me?

The short answer is you cannot be 100% sure. I got a fringe when I was younger and it was a huge mistake. What I wish I had done was try styling my hair with fringe extensions for a couple of weeks. This would allow me to get used to, or even change, the position of the fringe as well as maintaining my new fringe. I would highly recommend this to anyone even thinking about getting a new fringe. Be aware that what you have in your head will never be the same a reality but with a good serum and clip in fringe extensions, you will have versatile looks and full proof fringe maintenance routine.



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