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When should you not wash your hair

That’s right! There are some occasions that just aren’t right for washing your hair. Don’t get me wrong having scruffy, oily hair is not ok but there are some moments you will really damage your hair if you do. There have been loads of people getting on the twice a week bandwagon to promote your hair getting its own oil regulation. Especially as we come up to the time of year when our skin is much dryer and everything is harder to manage, you can throw your daily hair washing routine out of the window. The shampoo is brilliant for cleaning your locks but it dreadfully drying. This is not bad for everyday life but keep reading so you don’t make a rookie mistake and cause a hairtastrophe.


After having your extensions fitted

This goes for tape ins and pre-bonded hair extensions. After all, you have bought your stunning human hair extensions and had them installed you don’t want to see the strands falling out straight away. My big tip for this one is not to wash your hair with your new extensions for at least 48 hours. That is just to be on the safe side, you don’t want to weaken glue on tape. The twice a week rule is a brilliant rule of thumb, in the long run, to limit the damage you do to your extensions.


Before you go the hairdressers

Ok, so I think I am not weird having a bit of social anxiety going to the hairdressers with messy, unwashed hair. I literally laugh at myself when I remember thinking “she is going to think to think I am so gross I will never be able to show my face again”. It was so ridiculous and I have totally changed my tune. Washing your hair before you go to the hairdressers is a dreadful idea. They wash it there for you which means it gets double washed, making it drier. We also have loads of products sprayed all over our have which in the long run isn’t good for it so the more we can minimise this at home before we get to the hairdressers the better your hair will look and feel. If your social anxiety is too much to bear, wash your hair at home and order a dry cut.


When you are planning to go for a swimming

This one is pretty obvious. When your hair is dry and it first gets damp it becomes like a sponge and soaks everything up. This might be fine if your hair gets wet in the shower but not in the pool. You will be soaking up all of the chlorine so washing your hair before this will both be a waste of time and dry your hair out even more. The best thing you can do is put on an oil treatment the night before so your hair is well coated and ready to take some extra chlorine.

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