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Your extensions haircare taken care of new products available!


That’s right ladies, it is time for revamping your extensions. We have heard your cries loud and proud to say we are here to help. We have said it over and over again you can buy the best quality extensions in the world, and we like to think we do if you do not take care of your extensions that can go from hero to zero extremely quickly. I am writing this blog today to introduce you to our ever growing extension hair range and explain why we know they are going to keep your Cliphair extensions smooth and healthy for even longer.


The two in one shampoo and conditioner

That’s right a shampoo plus conditioner specifically designed with your lifestyle and extensions in mind. This product is sulphate free unlike many hair care products out there, which is fantastic. Sulphate is a nasty little chemical which causes seriously dry extension and extra frizz. We want none of that for you so we just won’t include it instead we have put in herbal oils to help treat and repair your extensions. The two in one feature is brilliant for saving your time, money and effort. No need to go to multiple shops.


The Cliphair heat protecting Spray

We use human hair in our extensions so they feel amazing and you can style it the way you would your own hair. That includes styling using heated tools. That is where the heat protecting spray comes in. our extension heat protecting spray is that helping hand that provides an invisible shield on your hair. It also helps repair you sulphur bonds, don’t you just love a product that gives you that little extra? So whether you are reaching for your straighteners, the hair dryer or a curling wand reach for your heat protecting spray first.


The Cliphair Moisturising silky hairspray

This hairspray is your secret weapon for silk, sexy looking extensions so if you find your extensions are losing a bit of their spunk and shine you need this spray in your life. This spray is a multi-uses dream come true, it seriously does so much for you. This moisturising spry does what that name says, it locks in moisture making them shiny and as soft as you could wish for. If you are like me you will use it on your own hair too, it smells amazing. If you have issues with tangling and nasty split ends spritz a little bit of this on before brushing, it will help your brush glide through smoothly.


If you have forgotten to add your heat protecting spray before styling (naughty) then lightly adding this spray will help replenish some of your hair’s natural oils and add some to your extensions. In the long run, this can help lengthen the life of your extensions and when you are out and about its 24-hour wear and tear protect is a load off. Keep your locks looking hot with this spray.



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