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Get that look: Wet hair perfect fancy double braid

We have rain on the way and we are all busy. If you are like me and don’t like blow drying your hair every day (or sleep through your morning alarm) then it can be helpful to learn a style that can help. A set of double braid pigtails is not a new style but it was very popular over the summer and will look incredible under a beanie as the weather gets colder. The big draw to this look is the interesting parting which leaves you with an awesome design and it can be used as a prep style as well. Take it out to reveal some awesome waves the day after.


cliphair-extensions-fancy double-braid



When you are styling with wet hair, particularly if you have wet micro ring or clip in extensions in, preparation is key. Hair gets tangle extremely easily whilst damp so make your life easier and put on some good quality serum before you brush your hair thoroughly. If you have a full set of extensions in you will have thick hair so I use a paddle brush to ensure that the brush can get through my natural hair and extensions. When your hair is wet it is really heavy and can break easily so hold your hair near the top when brushing the lower part of your hair to avoid tugging.


cliphair-extensions-fancy double-braid-partitioning



This is not the usual partitioning and actually is the hardest part of creating the look. The first stage is to divide your hair in half with your fishtail comb from the front of your crown to the nape of your neck. Secure the left side out of the way so we can focus on the right side. Your first right side division is going to be one inch deep and run along the layer framing your face. Gather the strands together and create a tight small braid and coat with some mousse before securing it with an elastic hair tie. Now it is time to create mini pigtails each one of your divided sections should be one inch and formed into a pigtail. The key is to make sure that your sections are equal and that the pigtails are directly underneath each other. Once you have done one side it is time to repeat and reflect on the other side.


cliphair-extensions-fancy double-braid-create-braids


Create your braids

You have done the hard bit. Phew! That is the good news the bad news is that you currently look like an alien. Don’t worry you are about to start your braids and change all of that. The trick with this is to work with threes.  Divide your top pigtail into three and tuck that tiny braid that you created at the beginning into the middle part. Cross one of the outside sections over the middle and then the other side section over the middle again to create the first section of a french braid. Continue that all the way down your braid, remembering to link the sections with the middle section. Secure and gently tug the sections so they are voluminous. Once you have done one side of your hair move onto the other. Cover with a light layer of mousse at the end for flexible hold so you are ready to go.


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