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Extra large braided ponytail look with extensions

This style is amazing for going back to school and let’s face it, it is hard to dress at the moment. It feels like it can go from freezing to boiling to raining within the hour so if you are like e you may be hesitant to leave your hair loose. A bun can be nice sometimes but can be boring and a long braid can still be blown in your face. This style it the best of both worlds it moulds a stunning and showy braid pulled back in practical. Keep reading to create it yourself.



This style is great for second-day hair but the key to it is big. A big braid and a high full looking ponytail are musts so its time to add your extensions but it isn’t like you usually do. We usually apply our extensions evenly but for this style, we are going to have to be a bit more focused.


Divide and focus

I am a massive fan of using a fishtail comb to help you divide your hair with accuracy so grab you fishtail. Divide your hair vertically into three even sections. You can tie your side sections into pigtails, we are going to be focusing on the middle section. You are only going to apply your one and two clip wide extensions down this section. You can stop clipping them when your last tip is in line with the top of your ears.


Create your braid

It is time to create the piece de resistance. Divide your middle section into three parts and fold the middle part over the right part. Now fold the new middle part over the left part. Your have started your dutch braid. Continue your braid until it is in line with the top of your ears and secure it with a clear elastic hair tie. Pinch and tug the sections of your braid so you make them as full as possible. This hides the extension clips underneath and makes your braid look amazing.



Pull back and tie up

Now you have done the hard part it is time to pull it all together, literally. Let down your two side sections and gather them where you want your high ponytail to be placed. Brush the sides so that they lie flat and smooth. Once you have your hair where you want to create your ponytail brush in the ends left over from your braids. Secure with a hair tie. Clip a ponytail extension onto your hair tie.


The finishing touches

Now you have your ponytail braid in, brush it to blend then wrap a couple of strands around your hair tie to hide your extension join and make it look more stylish. As it has been windy outside recently I would suggest grabbing your curling iron quickly and loosely curling your ponytails. Spray your whole style with alcohol-free spray. Run your fingers through your curls so they turn into loose waves and you are done.

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