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Welcome the Rainbow

As the days start to get longer so does our hair. As the frost starts to melt away we no longer have to have a messy bob to hide the fact we have hat hair and we can (almost) let our hair naturally dry and save some of our hair serum. There are so many perks to warmer weather but we at cliphair  think one of the main ones is the super cute hairstyles we can experiment with. Some of the key looks from last year are set to remain like pastel dying and braids but this year’s warmer seasons are getting even hotter! We are seeing a massive resurgence in the warmer tones this year and as we get closer and closer to spring (despite the rain) this is just going to get bolder and brighter. Let’s check out some of the key styles that are warmer toned for the upcoming warmer seasons.


The ombre

This look has become a staple classic over the last few year and has been rocked by the likes of Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Lopez. It is the easiest way for brunette bombshells to have a quick and stunning style makeover. If, however, the cool blonde tones at the end of your locks does not tickle your fancy why not turn the heat up start from deep red roots. This is a great way to spice up your looks and turn heads with envy. If you want something a little more natural try Balayage or Hygge dye techniques in a natural copper or auburn shade.


Forget the pastels, turn up the heat

Now we have all seen so many rainbow hair pictures on instagram but the red based rainbow style has not been picked up by our favourite celebrities until recently. The gorgeous Thorne sisters (Bella and Dani) wowed the crouds with their matching red to green rainbow hairstyles. If you are not so keen on the bright colours try basing your rainbow style on a rose gold base and add a mix of pastel shades in. if, like many of us, you aren’t ready to take the leap and turn fully rainbow don’t sweat try some red clip in hair extensions to see if this style is for you.


The way nature intended

If you are less into the fire engine red or rose gold look and prefer something more subdued, you are spoiled for inspiration choice so far this year. The La La Land lead Emma Stone is a perfect example of a natural copper shade that is very girl next door. If you want a natural look that is a little more steamy, go auburn. The deeper the red the more eye catching it is so if you want to make a statement Christina Hendrick’s beautiful deep locks should be your guide. There is a trick to making sure that this tone suits your hair. The general rule goes the paler your skin the deeper the hue. So if you have a peaches and cream complexing, go deep. For you lucky olive skinned ladies a strawberry blonde, subtle copper hue looks incredible.

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