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Wear Your Hair Like Vanessa Hudgens

Earlier this year, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens faced every star’s worst nightmare when she found out that her dad had died just hours before a big shoot. And not just any shoot either. It was the all singing, all dancing live TV reimagining of Grease. However, where many would crumble, the actress stayed strong and delivered a career performance.

Her version of the song ‘There Are Worst Things I Could Do’ had audiences spellbound and it was only after the show that they realised what Hudgens was going through. On stage, in front of millions! Then again, the former child star has always been a tough cookie. She was one of the very first celebrities to have a nude photo leak – back when it was still scandalous – and she bounced back with dignity and sass.

It’s impossible not to love this quirky, silly celeb or her glamorous Instagram page, so let’s take a peek and see what kind of hairstyle secrets she’s hiding.



The Festival Lob

This has to be one of the coolest festival looks that we’ve seen in a long time. In fact, Hudgens always seems to ace that super cool sixties vibe. She’s a bit of a hippy, but she also has that undeniable Hollywood glamour and you can see it in her hair. Here, she’s wearing a retro lob, with the ends curled upwards; a low maintenance look, which makes a big impact, and there’s nothing better than scoring major style points with the minimum of effort. This one is all about getting your tresses straight and then smoothing flyaway follicles with a high quality hair balm (not gel, because you don’t want a high shine).


The Footloose Wanderer

Like all celebrities, Hudgens likes to travel… a lot. Come on, we’d all do it if we had as much money and free time as our favourite stars, she’s always posting exotic pics on her Instagram page and this is one that we love. Again, it’s extremely simple, but really effective. All she’s dome is loosely tie off the ends of her hair, after splitting them into two pigtails. The drama and the glamour though is in how much body they have. If your tresses are on the fine side and you need to fake it, get yourself some long clip in hair extensions. Braid your hair in two rough sections and run a flat iron over the braids to lock in a gorgeous undulating wave; then, simply let your hair loose!



The Natural Curly Girl

Could Vanessa Hudgens look more beautiful with natural, curly hair? Just check out how well she rocks the super wavy style. The good news is that for ladies with naturally curly hair, this one comes with barely any effort at all. The best approach is to sleep in four tight braids. Then, in the morning, use your fingers to untangle and free the hair. Don’t brush it out, because you’ll get rid of all the body and texture. Take some firm hold gel and, with a tiny dab on the end of your finger, gently twist small sections of hair into a spiral, hold, and release.


The Queen Bey Braid

Even the hottest ladies in the world bow down to the one and only Beyonce. We’ve seen it time and time again – Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, Ellie Goulding, Laverne Cox, Taylor Swift, Jenna Dewan Tatum; they all love Queen Bey. And, they are all keen to copy her style too. Hudgens has pinched her face paint idea and channelled Beyonce in the Formation video with these cool double braids. They’re easy to put together (it’s just a simple French braid) and you can even wear them with hair extensions if you start the braid lower down, in order to conceal the seam on the hair piece.

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