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Wear Your Hair Like Suki Waterhouse

Supermodel Suki Waterhouse is still only 24, but she’s conquered the runway and now she’s making a bold foray into the movie industry too. She has already starred in the wonderfully absurd Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and she’s set to light up the screen in The Bad Batch, later this year.

She’s also modelled for Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Vogue, Tatler, Grazia, Elle, Marie Claire, and many more. Suki recently discussed her decision to swap the runway for the silver screen and called the transition ‘much more rewarding,’ so perhaps she’ll follow Cara Delevingne and make a permanent move to acting.

Whatever her next big gig, we’ll be watching closely, because the delectable Miss Waterhouse is quite an inspiration when it comes to amazing hairstyles.

The Sombre Surprise

We’ve talked a little about sombre already this week and it looks like it’s going to be one of the hottest hairstyle trends of the year. Suki clearly knows how to follow a trend, because this gorgeously delicate style is sombre hair done right. It’s soft, gentle, and the transition between light and dark tones is a lot more subtle than it is with ombre highlights. It creates a style that is sleeker, chicer, and just a little more mysterious. The cute hat and totally sixties eyes are an added bonus; eat your heart out Twiggy.

The Subtle Crimp

This slightly crimped, slightly curly style is a perfect example of just how versatile sombre highlights can be. You don’t have to wear them with poker straight locks all the time. It’s okay to mix things up and experiment a little like Suki has here. If you want to steal this one for yourself, make sure that your sombre extensions are ready to go. Then, get out those irons and introduce some small, tight curls. The trick to getting this one right is to restrict the tightest curls to the middle section and go for looser waves at the top and the ends.

The 90’s Grunge Fan

For a long time, Suki rocked this bleach blonde Courtney Love style ‘do. We think it looks rather nineties, in the way that the roots are still showing and the lighter tone contrasts with her naturally dark eyebrows. She wouldn’t look out of place singing with a grunge band, but she still looks gorgeous. This one is for the bold girls; the gals who are brave enough to step out in platinum tones. If you’re keen to try it, you can switch it up between longer and shorter styles by adding platinum silver hair extensions.

The 70’s Darling

A quick flick through Instagram makes it clear that this talented lady can make anything from a grunge dye job to a truly seventies mop look amazing. Check out this gloriously retro style, complete with chunky fringe and heavy, dark curls. We love the detail in the fringe; that centre parting is straight out of seventies Vogue. It shows that cropped, shorter styles don’t have to be uniform too. We’re used to seeing straight, untextured bobs, but the 2016 is all about breaking the mould and trying something new. The ‘wob’ (wavy bob) is huge right now and is loved by everybody from Suki to Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Mara, and TayTay Swift.

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