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Wear Your Hair Like Nicki Minaj

Louder than life rapper Nicki Minaj had herself a bit of fun at the weekend. And she taught the critics a lesson about trusting everything you read on the internet. She gave her fans a major shock by unexpectedly dropping news of a new album. It’s going to be called ‘Pick My Fruit Out’ she told them and will feature 10 tracks, including a Harambe interlude. Perhaps you can see where this is going already.

But Twitter exploded with the news and within an hour it was trending across the internet. It spread so fast that Minaj had to step in and ‘fess up – she’d been playing! There was no fruit themed album and no tribute to our fallen brother, Harambe. To be fair, her fans seemed to take being the butt of the joke quite well and the rapper later had a bit of a gush about how awesome they are.

The whole thing was a bit silly, but Minaj has never played by any rules but her own and we admire that. She’s certainly always carved out her own style and looked amazing doing it, especially her hair!

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The Boss Babe with the Badass Weave

It’s surprisingly rare to see someone have as much fun as Nicki Minaj does with her weaves and hair extensions. Usually, the aim is to create a very natural and subtle style, which is tough to distinguish from real hair – a la Beyonce. But, this hip-hop queen is special and she’s always gone for something bold. Like this cartoon-esque candyfloss bouffant that she sported during promo pics for her first album, Pink Friday. It’s undeniably pretty, but you’ve got to have a lot of confidence to dye your hair the colour of a child’s fever dream.

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The Booty-ful Extensions

We prefer this signature style from Minaj, because her feline features look so striking when she wears her hair dark. Plus, with the addition of glossy, shiny hair extensions, she’s gifted with swishable tresses that light up the room. If you want to wear your clip ins like the singer, make sure that they are of a high quality. Keep them in tip top condition with a regular washing and deep conditioning schedule and use heat protective spray when you’re straightening. For full on drama, pick up extra-long extensions that just about skim you bum.

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The Naughty Barbie Doll

Even though the fruit themed concept album was a prank, there’s still rumours that Minaj is about to drop a new record. For the first time in months, she got back on stage and a number of pretty catchy tracks have been released recently. She’s switched up her style again too; this time going for another eye catching and completely unnatural look (that’s why we love her). Her long hair is bleach blonde now, with dark roots and a subtle, restrained wave. You can create this relaxed vibe for yourself by gently curling with tongs. You don’t want to set the hair into full curls though; just let the lengths briefly touch the barrel as you go.

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

The Girl with the Unbelievable Bangs

Just check out how glamorous and elegant Minaj looks here with a perfectly coiffured fringe. There isn’t a hair out of place and bangs like these can only come from a salon. You’re welcome to try and cut your own, but if you do, always cut slightly longer than you need. That way, you’ve got room left to correct any mistakes made. A much easier and safer alternative, of course, would be to use a clip in fringe. They attach securely to the top of the head and they come with absolutely no danger of you ending up with a ‘do that makes you want to hide in a wardrobe.

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