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Wear Your Hair Like Megan McKenna

If you’re a TOWIE fan, you’re probably still recovering from the steamy reunion between the outspoken Megan McKenna and her on/off squeeze Pete Wicks that aired on Sunday. The two have been bickering for what seems like forever, but they can’t keep their hands off one another either. And after Pete got her initial tattooed on his palm, relations between the two have thawed.

Megan McKenna rose to fame on the reality show Ex On the Beach, but you might also remember her from a very early cycle of Britain’s Got Talent. She then appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, only to be caught up in a bitter bullying row. The high maintenance star seems to have found a more comfortable home on TOWIE now, even though it can’t be said that there’s less drama to deal with.

To celebrate the release of her latest cosmetic collection, we’re going to take a little look at Megan McKenna and put her finest hairstyles in the spotlight.

The Hi Top Up ‘Do

If Megan has a signature style, it’s got to be the rather high bun that she likes to pile her tresses into when rocking a more casual look. This lady is a big fan of hair extensions, so it’s no surprise that even her simple up ‘dos look super glamorous. Her heavy fringe is what elevates the style from low maintenance beauty to catwalk cool. You can steal it by brushing your bangs out at the front and twisting the hair up high and into a tall bun. Just make sure that you wear it towards the back of your head or you risk going for the ‘Marge Simpson.’

The Sixties Never Ended

This entire look is one that we’re loving right now. The big sixties bangs, the glamorous length, the oversized hat, and the fur gilet are spot on when it comes to winter fashion. Megan has even got that subtle retro parting down perfectly. You need to pull out your longest hair extensions for this one and then straighten them to create even more length. Once you’ve done that, the trick is to keep things quite natural and light. You don’t want to overload your locks with product. A little bit of frizz taming balm will do the trick.

The Cheater’s Curl

Megan likes a sultry curl just as much as the rest of us. However, she’s been giving out tips for how to cheat your way to curl perfection. You can now pick up overnight rolling band that you leave in while you sleep and take out in the morning. It looks pretty neat, but we’d recommend conventional rollers as they do the same job. They’re also less likely to twist and turn your tresses into knots. Or, if you’re after a very subtle curl, just placing your hair into a tight braid overnight can be enough to eliminate the need for tongs in the morning.

The TOWIE Ponytail

This ponytail style looks very basic, but the top half is a little different than usual. She’s actually pulled and arranged sections of hair, in a faux braid formation, to add texture. It’s a big more fiddly than usual, but it actually shouldn’t take you very long to replicate. And, if you wear hair extensions, you’ve got more hair to play with and more volume to show off. Wear your pony low slung like the TOWIE star to make the little details stand out. It is up to you whether you curl or straighten the lengths of your hair, as it’s going to be in a ponytail anyway.

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