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Wear Your Hair like Megan Fox

As part of promotional duties for her new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Megan Fox has been doing an awful lot of talking. She’s talked about her family, her husband, her status as a sex symbol, and her plans for the future. In her latest interview, she discussed the difficulties of being a Hollywood pin-up.

This kind of talk tends to split fans into two camps. There are those who sympathise and there are those who are waiting to hear the sound of tiny violins. Clearly, the actress is an intelligent lady, but she’s also a bit of a contradiction. She’s earned a fortune starring as ‘the babe’ in blockbusters like Transformers, but now she wants to distance herself from the roles that made her famous. It’s a conflict that many actresses struggle with, so we hope that she finds her niche in the years to come.

For now, she’ll have to settle for being one of the most desired women on the planet, with some of the finest hairstyles around!

A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

The Comeback Queen

The last couple of years have not been easy for Megan Fox. The media broke the news of her divorce and, as is standard for Hollywood, the details were pored over by gossip magazines and talk shows. The good news is that the pair eventually reconciled. And, to show the world just how easily she bounces back, this silky haired star went for the chop and treated herself to an edgy, textured cut. There’s a still a lot of length here, so you could steal this tousled ‘bed head’ style even if you’ve got quite long locks or if not you can use hair extensions for extra volume. Just make sure that you backcomb that side sweep, so you’re left with a truly bombshell barnet.

A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

The Prom Princess

This style, which Megan wore to the Kids Choice Awards, is so sweet and feminine that it could have come straight out of teen horror flick Jennifer’s Body. Yet, those feline eyes and high cheekbones manage to elevate it to something a little more special. You can rock this one too, with a little bit of styling know how (and a lot of vampy eyeliner). Brush your hair out (after you’ve put your hair extensions in), until it is glossy and shiny. You can use rollers or curling irons to introduce that sultry bounce or you can YOLO it and use your hands to scrunch the ends and add some dramatic volume.

The Natural Beauty

The very first picture that Fox posted to Instagram was quite daring for such a big star. She snapped a pic, first thing in the morning, before putting on any makeup. There was no filter, but apart from a lack of fake tan, she still looked radiant – just look at those flawless brows! Her hair is pretty natural here, with minimal styling and product. Those delicate highlights are speaking for themselves and they’re proving, once again, that subtler colour transitions have a lot of longevity and resilience. They look great for a long time after that salon or at home dye job. For a little more control over how you look in the morning, wear your hair in rollers or ties; when you take them out, you’ll get a neat curl, wave, or bounce.

The LA Lovely

This flower crown look is wonderfully girly and sweet. It’s ideal for a weekend at a festival, just so long as you don’t lose it in a crowd. In fact, slipping a couple of clear hair grips over each side should be enough to keep it in place, no matter how much dancing you do. Plus, you can make like Megan and twist the front sections into loose spirals. That way, they’ll hang pretty and frame your face fairy princess style. This is quite a dreamy and romantic look, so think lazy afternoon picnics, walks by the river, and summer road trips with the top down. For maximum elegance, wear your clip in extensions, so that your hair cascades down your back and catches the sunlight.

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