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Wear Your Hair Like Louisa Johnson

At the weekend, former X Factor winner Louisa Johnson returned to the show and scandalised viewers. If you’re experiencing a bit of déjà vu, it’s because it has been barely two minutes since the same thing happened to girl band Little Mix. It turns out that reality TV audiences really don’t like it when you flash your bum a bit.

We think that the one time winner killed it actually and that, even if she did look like she’d taken a pair of scissors to her Nan’s raincoat, it kinda worked. Her hair looked great too, as she was wearing very long platinum blonde hair extensions for full on glamour. This songstress is building up quite the reputation for hazing amazing tresses at the moment.

Take a peek at some of her finest hairstyle moments to find out how you can steal some tips and tricks.

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The No Pants Dance

This is the look that has gotten Louisa Johnson in a bit of trouble with some X Factor viewers. We’re pretty sure that the show has seen worse, but audiences are pretty unpredictable. At least she can remind herself that her hair looked fabulous. She was almost certainly using hair extensions to boost the length, because her locks were almost as long as her skimpy coat. They’re a flawless blonde too, which can be difficult to achieve without salon help. If you’ve got short hair though and you fancy a dye job, you can always add length by incorporating some clip in hair extensions.

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The Palma Violet

For a while, Louisa was rocking one of the loveliest shades of violet we’ve seen in a long time. She started out with a much darker, bolder shade, but was happy to let it grow out into a lovely gentle pastel tone. That’s one of the coolest things about dying your hair a bright colour; if you leave it to grow out, you kind of get two hairstyles in one. Even the darker roots give it a grungy Kate Moss vibe. The trick to keeping it looking so great though is care and maintenance. Dying is a really intensive and potentially damaging process, which means that deep conditioning and careful styling is essential.

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The Super Hi Top

For a much softer style, use your hair extensions to add height as well as depth. All you have to do to create this waterfall like pony is bring the hair up and then twist a section right around the stem for support. This should give it a little lift and create that gorgeous cascading effect. Obviously, the longer you wear your extensions, the more dramatic this style will look. Keep your makeup minimal, but make sure that your eyes pop to finish this ‘do off perfectly.

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The Triple Braid

Of course, not everybody is looking for such a pretty or ultra girly style. This triple braid is a little bit punkier and has more edge. It’s a bit street and reminiscent of badass popstars like Danish singer MØ. If you want to wear it, you’ve got to get the spacing right. Your braids can’t be wonky or placed too close together. Have a practice in the mirror or get a friend to help. You can even add a contrasting colour, like Louisa, by using clip in ponytail extensions as your braids. Leave a longer, loose section at the end of each for a rough and ready appeal.

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