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Wear Your Hair Like Kourtney Kardashian

We’re floored by the latest Instagram snaps of eldest Kardashian, Kourtney. She might be the leader of the pack, but she has been looking smoking hot just recently. It’s hard to believe that the reality star is 36 years old and a mother to three small children. She really does manage to do it all and, lucky for the rest of us mere mortals, she’s not shy about sharing her tip top beauty secrets.

We’re not entirely sure about her latest attempts to snag an eligible guy though! According to Kourtney, all you have to do to attract a great man is smother yourself in Manuka honey. But, let’s be honest, the first thing you’re going to attract is wasps and there’s nothing attractive about that ‘arms flapping, attacked at a picnic’ vibe. Fortunately, we reckon this sultry MILF can turn heads with the health of her tresses alone.

So, we’re going to take a little look at Kourtney Kardashian and her finest hairstyle moments (and they don’t include smothering yourself with preserves, we promise).

The ‘Go See’ Shot

This cool little snap is reminiscent of the type that supermodels take when they’re interviewing for agencies. There is minimal makeup, casual clothes, and a simple hairstyle, so that focus isn’t taken away from her features. Even so, the hairstyle itself is pretty cute, with a kind of singular space bun vibe. It’s actually a twisted bun, so it comes together by wrapping and tucking the length of a ponytail, rather than just winding it around the stem. If you find yourself struggling with the fiddly folds, adding some hair extensions can be a way to increase the length and manoeuvrability.

The Baywatch Wannabe

Or, for those who prefer to wear their locks down, there is this simple French braid. Again, the trick to wearing it like Kourtney is to get a lot of thickness and volume. You want to end up with a real fat and chunky braid, kind of like a sassy mermaid. Team it with a slinky tee and ‘barely there’ shorts for a look that is guaranteed to get you some attention. You can add a simple fringe at the front, if you like, but girls with fairly round faces will find that going ‘bang-less’ lengthens their features in quite a nice way.

The Smoking Hot Stunner

Nobody does all out glamour quite as well as the Kardashians and Kourtney is no exception. This is a fairly pared down style, but it doesn’t feel like it, because she’s amped up the glitz and drama with long, luscious hair extensions and striking makeup. If you want to steal it for yourself, you’ve got to get your hands on some high quality texturising spray. It’s best to start off with completely straight tresses. Then, add the spray and scrunch the hair in your fists to create a sexy, tousled ‘bed head’ effect. Be careful not to add too much gloss, but a little helping can really amp up that shine.

The Little Sister

Who do you think of when you look at this Instagram snap of Kourtney Kardashian? It’s the spitting image of little sister Kim, right; down to the choice of outfit and everything? This signature, slicked back hairstyle suits the siblings very well, because they’ve all got very long, dark locks. So, when they’re pushed back and worn close to the scalp, a powerful ‘Cleopatra’ type vibe is created. This look is best for girls who are confident with wearing their hair super simply. There isn’t much embellishment or adornment here, because she’s letting that shine and vitality make its own statement.

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