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Wear Your Hair Like Kimberley Garner

Made in Chelsea alumni Kimberley Garner lives the kind of life that most of us secretly dream about. She’s constantly photographed lolling about on yachts, lounging on the beach, and sipping on cocktails. In fact, she spends so much time on holiday that we don’t know how she manages to produce so many amazing swimwear collections and run a whole company.

We’re only a little bit jealous. Okay, a fair bit. If you own a swimwear brand, you’ve definitely got to look the part. And Garner has the blonde hair, teeny tiny figure, and dreamy demeanour that made so many people fall in love with her on Made in Chelsea. As a classically trained actor and a property developer to boot, she’s also got oodles of talent.

Let’s take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyle moments and see if we can steal a little of that magic.

The Street Style Pony

Everybody knows that models have busy schedules, but they somehow always manage to look flawless at every appointment. Perhaps there’s an army of stylists waiting just outside each of their Instagram shots. Garner is making the most of a classic ponytail here, by loosening things up and going for a softer, more rounded vibe. Her hair is not too over styled. It looks light and elegant, but perfect for a casual afternoon. To steal it, wear your pony low down. Secure it tight and then gently pull the elastic downwards to loosen up the top section.

The Teeny Tiny Twists

The model and socialite has been taking advantage of the trend for tiny details just recently. We love this style and are really happy to see so many celebs rocking it at personal appearances and on red carpets. Sometimes, subtle details are just more striking. Take Garner’s elegant little twists as an example. This ‘do isn’t as complex as a braid crown, though it kinda looks like one from the front. All you have to do is take two short sections of hair and coil them gently until they’re tight and springy. Then arrange them around your crown, like you would a braid. Secure each with a hair grip or slide.

The Triple Threat

This next updo is quite a fiddly one, but it looks remarkable. It would make an ideal hairstyle for a wedding or formal event because it is really elegant and delicate. What Garner has done here (or what her stylist has done) is combine a bun with a French braid, in a crown arrangement. That’s a triple threat ‘do and it is a more than a little fussy, so get somebody to help you unless you’ve got nimble fingers. The more length you have to play with, the easier it will be to create a long braid, so this style works really well with clip in hair extensions.

The Sixties Blowout

This big, bouncy style is quite a retro one, with the dramatic curls turned outwards at the bottom. It is a bit Charlie’s Angels, which is why it looks great teamed with metallic fabrics and glamorous makeup, as seen in this Instagram snap. Your tresses need to be fairly thick and voluminous to make it work. So, if you’ve got quite fine hair, it is a good idea to add some extensions and style them alongside your own locks. Remember to use a lower heat setting when styling, if you are planning to wear clip in hair pieces.

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