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Wear Your Hair Like Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss has one of the most sought after faces in the beauty and fashion industry right now. She lit up the runway at the recent Victoria’s Secret show, alongside new recruit Kendall Jenner. The leggy blonde looks like she was born to be on the catwalk, but she actually puts a huge amount of effort into maintaining that killer figure.

Her Instagram is filled with fitness inspiration and shots of her working up a sweat at the gym. You certainly don’t get abs like Karlie Kloss without a lot of grit and determination. It’s lucky that the rest of us can sit a home and read up on all the Victoria’s Secret gossip, with a glass of wine and a bag of Doritos in hand. Or, maybe that’s just us.

Fortunately, you can steal some major styling tips from this ‘Angel,’ without having to leave the couch. Just read our guide to her finest hairstyle moments.

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The Super Minimal Updo

With such impeccable bone structure, it’s no surprise that Kloss tends to favour wearing her hair up, in styles which show off her face. This simple and elegant style is a great example. It is very minimal, but going back to basics isn’t always a bad thing. The star has elevated the look by slicking her tresses back and creating a feature out of what is known as the ‘baby hairs’ at the sides. You know those wispy little strands that always seem so awkward and flyaway? Well, they can be smoothed out, shaped, and used to softly frame the face.

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The Big Winter Bangs

Nothing says winter hair like heavy, chunky bangs. When the weather is cold and the elements are fierce, you want a hairstyle with definition and weight. This is the perfect time to experiment with a substantial fringe, but make sure that the cut is flawless if your tresses are on the shorter side. With longer hair, you can get away with a slightly messier or more textured cut. If this is your first time trying it out, use a clip in fringe. They are ideal for creating that heavy sixties vibe because they come pre-cut and styled.

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The Priestess of Ponytails

If a chunky fringe isn’t really your thing, why not opt for a silky, sultry ponytail? Cliphair offer a range of clip in ponytails, so this high updo worn by Karlie Kloss can be replicated in minutes. Apply a smoothing serum to your own hair before you start styling, with a focus on the top section closest to your face. This area needs to be completely smooth, shiny, and bump free for that glamazon impact. Wear your pony high up so that you get plenty of swish and movement.

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The Space Bun Extraordinaire

We have to commend Karlie Kloss for being bold enough to swap a high fashion ‘do for super fun space buns on the red carpet. Sometimes, a chignon just doesn’t cut the mustard; double buns are youthful, feminine, and really cool. Everybody from Rihanna to Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry is a fan – and, let’s be honest, they’d make a great guest list for a Christmas party. Space buns are really easy to create. You just need to split your hair into two neat sections and form ponytails. Then, wrap the hair around the stem of the pony, securing with bobby pins as you go.

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