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Wear Your Hair Like Holly Hagan

This week, former Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has been responding to the news that the Season 12 cast members aren’t getting much love. They were forced to make a hasty exit from a nightclub, after a recent PA event, when the crowd started booing and heckling.

The staff at the venue, where Hagan and her pals filmed for six years, claim that the newbies were rude and behaved like divas. The revelation is sure to give the blonde glamourpuss a grin, because who wouldn’t (secretly) want to remain Queen of the Shore?

The fiery Holly Hagan has come a long way since her early days on the show and she’s transformed her face and body, but the sass that we know and love is never too far away. So, let’s take a look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

The Fitness Fishtail

Over the last few years, Hagan has devoted herself to fitness and nutrition. She is now rocking an incredible figure and has her own workout DVD. We’re not sure about heading to the gym in full makeup and fake eyelashes, but we do love her fondness for fishtail plaits. She has combined an off to the side braid, with a dramatic side sweep that really shows off those highlights. She’s also added a bit of a pancake effect, which you can do by stretching out a braid and making it thicker and fatter.

The Transformation

Check out these before and after pics of Holly Hagan at an extension appointment. They really show how much of an impact all of that extra length can have. The Geordie Shore star has gone from girl next door to celebrity stunner. It is really easy to create your own too. All you have to do is pick out some great clip in hair extensions from our store and decide what kind of look you want. For ultimate glamour, get the straightening irons out and maximise the length; go for eye catching beauty in a big way.

The Side Ponytail

She may be dressed to go the gym, but somehow, we don’t think Holly Hagan gets on the treadmill looking like this. We’re pretty sure she’d be breaking a rule or two if she did. And those hair extensions are epic, but they’d definitely get in the way while squatting. This is a pretty cool way to wear your clip in extensions as part of an updo though. It is a bit glamorous and flirty, without being overly formal. Plus, it is one of the easiest styles in the world to pull off. Wrap a section of hair around the base of the pony for a little lift and leave some strands loose for framing your face.

The Tuesday Throwback

Seeing as Hagan has changed so much over the last twelve months or so, let’s have a little look at a throwback pic. She still looks absolutely gorgeous, but the softer blonde shades are nowhere to be seen. She’s gone all out sultry sex kitten and the style is anything but subtle. Her rich, chocolate coloured extensions are to die for and not as tricky to replicate as you might think. To steal this one, pick up some extra-long chocolate or chestnut brown extensions and work them gently with a pair of straightening irons on a medium heat.

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