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Wear Your Hair Like Hailee Steinfeld

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Pitch Perfect star and official member of the T-Swizzle girl squad, Hailee Steinfeld, has revealed that Taylor Swift and the rest of the gang all keep in touch via WhatsApp. See, we knew that they’re just like us! We bet they drunk text each other memes at 3am and make silly jokes about the eggplant emoji, just like the rest of us!

I bet there’s some pretty juicy gossip being passed around about that famous ex-boyfriend as well. Steinfeld also talked about how much fun it is when all of the squad gets a chance to hang out together, but that it doesn’t happen often enough, because their schedules are so busy. We only have one question; where do you fill out an application?

The actress was in the UK recently to promote her new movie Edge of Seventeen, so to celebrate its release, let’s take a look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

The Double Dutch Braid

We’ve talked a lot about braids recently, so here’s a classic example of how striking they can be. The singer and movie star went for a long, high double Dutch combo on her tour of Tokyo and the hairstyle is beautiful, but it also draws attention to her features. The double braid has always had a kind of urban, street kind of vibe to it, so it punks up outfits and adds a modern twist to long, healthy hair. If you want to braid right from the top of the head, as opposed to halfway down – like Hailee has – wear hair extensions to make up the length that you’ll be losing out on.

The Bubble Bun

Or, try this super cute bubble bun ‘do, which is pretty much a space bun but in singular form. It’s a little neater too, without the spiral ends, so it scores high for practicality and low maintenance appeal. This is a style that you should rock when you’re feeling extra gorgeous and your eyebrows have got as much game as Hailee’s have. It draws all the hair back, so that your features are on show. If you’ve finally perfected the cat eye you’ve been fiddling with for the last month, here’s your chance to flaunt it.

The Screen Queen

This glamorous ‘do is a little more high maintenance and, as such, works wonderfully for formal parties and glitzy events. If you have a big Christmas party coming up, for example, there’s plenty of time to get practising. We recommend wearing hair extensions with this style if you’ve got a longer bob, as it’ll be easier to create those super defined, shapely curls. This one is all about control; you’re looking to introduce an undulating wave to the hair, as opposed to lots of curls. It can be tricky at first, but a little restraint and patience with the curling irons will go a long way – as will a good hairspray.

The Teenage Dream

If the restrained and sultry vibe isn’t really your thing, you can mix it up and try a half up, half down look for a more casual look. This is much easier to put together and you can introduce cool curls in a number of ways if you’re not lucky enough to have them naturally. You can, of course, use curling tongs or irons. But, you can also cheat your way to style perfection and just sleep with your hair in tight braids, so that it springs into waves in the morning. The secret then is to style gently, so that you don’t brush them all out.

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