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Wear Your Hair like Emma Stone

It was kinda weird watching former lovers Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pose together at red carpet events for The Amazing Spiderman 2 a couple of years ago. Though, we guess it’s a bigger hang up for us, than it is for them; they actually seem to be on great terms, despite breaking up and still having to see each other almost every day. There has been much speculation as to how the lovely Ms. Stone may be stepping out with now, but the girl is a picture of secrecy.

She’s also looking rather ravishing lately, with a hair colour and style that everybody keeps assuming is natural. Did you know that Emma Stone – one of the most famous redheads on the planet – isn’t actually a real redhead at all? The blonde tone that she rocks in the first Spiderman movie is much closer to her real colour.

Yet, if one thing is certain, it’s that the Birdman star will always shine, no matter the colour of her locks. So, let’s take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

The (Not So Natural) Redhead

Celebwatchers all around the world were shocked when Emma Stone revealed that she does not, in fact, have naturally red hair. You can’t blame them; it’s rare to find somebody who suits flame coloured locks as much as she does. Just take a look at this utterly ravishing strawberry blonde style. It’s fresh, feminine, and really warms up her porcelain skin tone. It’s also ideal for hair extensions, because the loose curls are great at hiding joins and seams. You could even wear your clip in pieces to bed, so that minimal styling is needed in the morning. Just make sure that you either tie them up and away or secure them with rollers.

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The Red Hot Feminist

In Easy A, Stone proved that you can be a confident and outspoken woman, while still wanting to look good and dress, well, amazingly. She played Olive, in the movie; a high school student who tells a lie about losing her virginity to help out a friend. Unfortunately, the consequences turn out to be much bigger than she ever thought possible. The actress is inspired in the role and takes charge of the screen, with a sassy head of highlighted curls. This look is pretty low maintenance and easy to achieve with curly hair extensions. You don’t have to have a lot of curls, but they do need to be big and well defined.

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The Emma Stone Updo

We’ve just gone ahead and taken the liberty of naming this updo after its wearer, because she seems so fond of it. This is Stone’s favourite way to wear her tresses and it’s not hard to see why. The look is simple and delicate, but it frames the features and gives strength to the combination of blonde hair and pale skin. If you’re going to combine the two, you need confidence and you need definition; otherwise, the tones of your skin and hair will just get lost in one another. This updo is a glamorous look for parties and all you have to do is bring your locks into a low slung bun. Then, focus all of your attention on glamming up the front.

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The Sidesweep and Pony Combo

If you’re due at a lunch date or a party and you’re stuck for ideas, sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. This super simple ponytail is made a lot more glamorous with the addition of a carefully defined fringe. In fact, both front sections have been left loose to add dimension and definition. This is really easy to do; all you need is a decent amount of length to get that pony looking sleek and a little gel or hairspray to keep those front sections neat. Make sure that the front sections are thick enough to turn into a sideswept fringe and keep your centre parting as straight as possible.

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