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Wear Your Hair Like Colleen Ballinger

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

You probably don’t recognise the name Colleen Ballinger, but you might know the name Miranda Sings. The dud songstress who thinks she’s a star has become a massive YouTube hit and has clocked up more than a billion views. Her creator is Colleen and she’s a supremely talented comedienne, actress, and singer (yes, really).

She’s just landed her very own Netflix series called Haters Back Off. And it is breaking new ground as the very first scripted show created by a YouTube personality. Fortunately, Colleen Ballinger the artist couldn’t be further from her now legendary character. She always looks chic, gorgeously turned out, and perfectly groomed.

To celebrate the launch of Haters Back Off and the fact that Ballinger has just finished an extensive tour of Britain, we’re going to take a look at some of her best hairstyle moments.

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The Comedienne Au Naturel

At ClipHair, we like it when celebs give us a peek into their ordinary lives and routines. It is a nice reminder that, no matter how famous you are, nothing beats a day on the couch in sweatpants or a big slice of cake on cheat day. Ballinger seems pretty down to earth, considering how high maintenance her alter ago has become. She’s happy to hang out with her cats and keep things simple. This lovely, wavy ‘do is more lazy afternoon than night on the town, but the tumbling curls add softness and femininity.

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The Baddest Ballerina Bun

It wasn’t so long ago that we were discussing ballerina buns and their rather high profile status at the minute, thanks to one Kendall Jenner. They’ve been around for a long time though and they can be a real life saver when you haven’t got time to wash your tresses before a big day. For instance, if you often sleep with your hair extensions in, you might find that they feel a little dirty in the morning (particularly if you use lots of product). Throwing them up into a high, proud ballerina bun is a quick way to hide all of the bits that you’re not feeling so confident about.

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The Curliest Girl

The inimitable Colleen Ballinger also happens to look just as chic when wearing her natural ringlets. The internet star has got surprisingly spring locks in real life, but she uses high quality deep conditioning treatments to keep them looking defined and healthy. This is the key to rocking curls. Yes, they’re a little high maintenance sometimes, but you’ll get all of that love back in the form of romantic, sweeping waves and curves. However, if you style your hair with straighteners more often than not, it is a better idea to invest in straight hair extensions and avoid having to expose them to heat.

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The Brunette to Blonde

This look was only a temporary thing; Ballinger donned a cute blonde wig for Halloween trick or treating fun (somebody should tell her you’re supposed to dress scary). We reckon that she looks rather ravishing though. The light blonde shade suits her complexion and the blunt bangs are, well, bang on trend. Around this time of year, most celebs are going slightly more autumnal with red and orange shades, but blonde is still a hot choice. We recommend going for a warmer, richer colour than platinum or ice blonde, however, as it might wash out your face during the winter.

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