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Wear Your Hair Like Blake Lively

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

With news of baby number two now official, it’s fair to say that golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a lot of commitments to juggle. The mother to be is currently in the midst of promoting her new movie, The Shallows. It’s a survival horror about a surfer who gets trapped off shore by a group of great white sharks. It’s getting rave reviews from critics, who have been really impressed by the physicality of the role (go Girl!).

Yet, Lively is actually no stranger to intense performances. While she may look like a fifties screen siren, she is used to kicking ass in her movies. She played the feisty Carol Ferris, in Green Lantern, which gave her the opportunity to backflip her way into the hearts of comic book fans. She was also a memorable part of heist drama, The Town, which was eventually nominated for an Oscar.

After all the hype and excitement around The Shallows, we can’t wait for it to hit theatres. If this witty, talented actress really owns the role, it could just make her a Hollywood superstar.

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The Glamorous Mama

Even with a rapidly growing baby bump, Blake Lively is not afraid to glam up and step out looking divine – just check out the size of those high heels! The hair is gorgeous too, though quite simple. It’s just a classic, elegant pony, with a twisted stem. For most ladies, pregnancy usually means making a few compromises on style, but not for this mama to be. She’s making the most of the updo as a low maintenance, but super classy look. For that twisted stem, try winding a small section of hair extensions around the base of the pony.

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The Jessie Spano Revival

Lively had her Instagram fans giggling when she posted this picture, with the caption ‘Full Jessie Spano.’ For anybody who doesn’t know – or is too young to remember – she was a popular character in hit high school drama Saved by the Bell. And she had big hair; really big hair. The actress and her bump are clearly pushing for an eighties revival, because this intensely curly style is more than a little eighties. She manages to pull it off though, primarily because that sidesweep adds shape and stops the style from being more poodle than perfect.

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The CGI Shark Wrangler

While creating special effects for The Shallows, the actress and model wore her hair in a simple bun, much like she does for most of the movie. It’s clean, elegant, and practical, which is everything that a real life surfer could want from their hairdo. At ClipHair, we think it’s important to give a lot of love to the everyday dos, because even Hollywood superstars don’t swan around in high falutin’ chignons and barrettes all the time. Plus, sometimes, an updo is exactly what is needed to make clip in hair extensions look awfully pretty, even if they are overdue a good wash.

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The Society Girl

Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are set to star in Café Society together. The movie will hit theatres later in the year. For the time being, we’ve been treated to snippets of the rather charming friendship that the two have developed. Lively is fond of gushing about the younger actress and has called her ‘as kind as she is talented.’ They were photographed together recently and Lively looks radiant, with tumbling golden curls and a subtle sidesweep. She has quite a long face and slight waves and curls are great for adding softness and a distinct sense of romanticism too.

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