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Wear Your Hair like Beyonce

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Queen Bey has been brushing off the haters like sugar off a pancake again this week. This time, it was musician Bon Iver’s turn to try and take a pop at the star. It was a surprise to most, because the singer is usually pretty mild mannered, but he does have a new album on the way, so perhaps the extra publicity was too tempting to miss.

He was left with egg on this face though, after criticising Beyonce for doing a sponsorship deal with Pepsi. He bemoaned the fact that she’s ‘sold out,’ but was then swiftly reminded that he was once the face of Bushmills whisky. Yeah, we were cringing too. Let’s hope that Bon Iver sticks to making those smooth, sultry tunes he’s known for from now on.

‘Cos, there’s no playing with Queen Bey. She’s at the top of her game right now and she’s never looked better. We’re going to take a little look at some of her best hairstyle moments.

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The Bey Bouffant

The Formation gal is pretty fond of this voluminous half up half down style. It suits the waviness of her natural hair and keeps everything neat and glamorous, without taking away from the body and bounce. If you’ve got fairly curly tresses then, you should try this one out for yourself. While clip in extensions aren’t essential, if you want to go full Bey, you need that super long length. You might even want to buy two sets, so that you can create this slightly raised, slightly bouffant-ed ‘do. Leave a section of hair loose at the front. Backcomb it, drape it backwards, and then secure it over the seams of your hair pieces.

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The Laidback Beach Mama

For such a megastar, Beyonce seems quite comfortable sharing bits and pieces of her glitzy life with us; even the bits that aren’t really that glitzy. She’s fond of posting pics of her little girl Blue and those quiet moments between shows that she has with hubby Jay Z. Here, we see Bey looking totally relaxed and chilled out on the beach. She’s even opted for a tousled, low maintenance bun and a flower crown, instead of her usual high impact braids. This kind of hairstyle looks the loveliest when tresses are unwashed and naturally wavy, so stop stressing about the little things and let your true beauty shine.

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The Sultry Senorita

Or, you could channel your inner flamenco dancer and experiment with an exotic braided crown like Beyonce has here. It is the addition of that super cute flower accessory that takes it from girly and romantic to sultry and sizzling, with a Spanish vibe. For this ‘do, make sure that your braids are long enough to wind all the way around your head. Bey’s are so long that they come right back around and are tucked under each ear. If you haven’t got long enough tresses, you can always give them a boost with hair extensions, of course. It is a good idea to straighten your own locks to match the extensions before you start braiding.

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The Modern Marilyn

Is it just us or is Beyonce barely recognisable in this picture? She looks every bit the style goddess that she always does, but we’re not used to seeing her with such blonde hair. The effect is an extremely glamorous one; the singer is certainly channelling her inner Marilyn Monroe. If you want to steal this ‘do for yourself, you’ll need some heat protective spray, a set of curling irons, and some high shine wax or hairspray. The curls should be loose – wrap the hair loosely around the barrel, briefly hold, and release – and mostly confined to the bottom section of your hair.

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