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Two heart inspired hairstyles to rock this February

Hearts are all around at the moment and are such a cute design even if you aren’t a big v-day fan. Over the years we have all decorated our notebooks with them, written them on friend’s B-day cards and generally doodled them on our hands when bored. This shape is beautiful and looks good in so many colours so why not create some amazing hairstyles with heart shapes. If you do have a big date this week then try it out but it is also just fun to wear on a girls’ day or a night out. That’s just what I have done so keep reading this step by step guide to getting great heart-shaped hair.

clip in hair extensions-rock-this-feb-heart-pigtails

Heart pigtails

Start by spraying your hair with some water, to make it easier to work with, and grab your fishtail comb you are going to create a funky zigzag parting. Separate hair in front of your ears and tie the back bit out of the way for now. Create a centre parting with the front section and with the fishtail comb move from your hairline backwards, in a zigzag motion, so it is clean and looks good. Release the back section and divide it into two pigtails and add your hair extensions so they are nice and thick. On the left side loosen the hair tie a little and create a gap above the elastic and loop your ponytail up and over it. Now divide the looped ponytail in half and twist each half in opposite directions. Join your twists together about halfway down to create the heart shape and secure with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side and wrap a small section of hair around the hair ties so hide them and hairspray to finish. If you prefer a half up hairstyle this can be easily adapted and will look equally romantic.

clip in hair extensions-rock-this-feb-heart-ponytails

Heart ponytails

Create a centre parting from your hairline to the nape of your neck. The next bit is a little complicated so read carefully. You need to create the top of your heart by creating a curved parting starting at your crown curving up towards our hairline and back up behind your ear. Do the same on the other side and tie up any hair behind this out of the way. This should look like aw when you look in the mirror. From your centre parting start creating basic three strand braids along the parting you have just created, stopping at the nape of your neck. If you want to add hair extensions to make your hair longer, now is the time to do it. Let the hair you had tied up down and join the two braids to continue braiding to the end of your hair. Secure with an elastic hair tie and gently tug the sections for lovely looking braids. If you are going from day to night you may want to spritz on some hairspray to hold.

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