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Two hairstyles to rock flower accessories for spring

It is getting warmer (finally) so it is perfect to go spring fresh with your look. Flowers are the thing that we think about when we say spring, they are colourful, smell nice and are beautiful. It is no surprise that year after year flowers return as a beautiful hair accessory. Real or fake they look amazing either way so let’s check out some great looks that will compliment your flower accessories and help you show them off.

GOT like do with a beautiful bouquet:
This is a stunning look that has twists that is tv worthy. Your hair extensions will help you create some bulk and make it look Instagram ready. Section some hair in front of your right ear and split it in two to create a twist braid going backwards. Wrapping them around each other continue twisting the length of the strands and tug on the twists before you pin the twist behind your left ear. Separate the section of hair in front of your left ear and repeat the process, draping the twist over the twists over the other ones and pinning them behind your right ear. Create another two twist braids behind your ears and secure them together with a hair elastic. This look exudes romance so add your hair extensions near the nape of your neck and loosely curl the hair that is left down to give it a very soft and flowing look. To add your flowers you could either go out and pick some real flowers or opt for faux flower accessories on hairpins. A flower crown would work but it doesn’t show off your twists. I think it looks beautiful to interlace light flowers like Gypsophila (aka baby’s breath) on the upper row of twists and then add a bigger flower where you have more structural support. The hair tie in the ponytail will allow you to add daffodils or roses beautifully.

Flowery fishtail:
This style is incredibly beautiful and is the easiest to add flowers too. Start by adding texture spray near your roots to give you some lift and a boho casual look. Now gather your hair into a side ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie. Add your hair extensions to your ponytail now if you need extra body before splitting your ponytail in half. Take a small section of hair from outside the left half and drape it over the rest of your left half so you can add it to the inside of your right half. Get a small section from the outside of your right half and repeat the same process. Pull this tight and you will see your first cross forming. Repeat this to the end of your hair and secure with a clear hair tie. You can pinch this sections for a bit more oomph but don’t do it too much, you want to be able to a pin in your flower accessories on the crosses to complete the look.

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