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Two hairstyles for medium hair

Medium length hair is so hot right now. Some of you have gotten sick of bobs and some of you just like mid-length styles but they are everywhere. Alexa Chung has rocked this look for years but if you are new to mid-length hair and how to style your new locks, this one is for you. I have put together three super easy styles to rock with your mid-length hair. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to getting the looks yourself and don’t forget to tag Cliphair on Instagram.



Look #1: Braided updo

Now for this one, I actually put in my Cliphair extensions, not for length but for a bit more volume to my braids. Once I have put them in and they are blended nicely I created a centre part. If I have second-day hair it is really obvious to me so I added some dry shampoo (it also helps add some volume to my roots). I love this look for the weekend so if you are like me and like your looks a little messy pull some strands out to frame your face now. Gather the rest of your hair from on top of your ears back and divide it in half. You are going to divide each of your halves into three and create a simple dutch braid each side. Secure at the bottom with clear elastic hair ties then pinch your sections of both of your braids so they look fuller. Drape your left braid around the back of your head so that the ends are near the star of the right dutch braid. Tuck the ends under to conceal them, then pin your braid into place. Do the same with the right braid, tucking the ends under the left braid before your pin it into place.






Look#2: Flaunt those curls

One of the things that a lot of people who have mid length hair struggle with is that it looks like you are growing a style out rather than having something that looks fresh. A great way to add that wow factor to mid length hair (so it is not described as being ‘at that awkward stage’ is to curl it). This both gives it body and lifts it a little. After you have curls and pinned your curls until they cool spritz them with some light hairspray. After your curls are cool, let them all down and flip your hair forward. You can do a little dance or simply give your hair a shake but this is a great way to break your curls up without making them flat (it is fun too). Now that you are happy with your curls it is time to add a bit of texture at your crown. To do this, separate an oval section at your crown and divide it into rows. Lightly tease the roots of each row, starting with the bottom one, then smooth over the top. Add a little more hairspray and you are done!

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