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Two awesome day to night looks with your Cliphair extensions

Authored By Katie O' Connor

This is my judgement on how good a style actually is. Having styles that look great but fall out in two seconds we want styles that we can work and party in. keep reading for day to night inspiration


clip in hair extensions-dutch-bun


Dutch bun

This is a classic look that is a go to turn your look from day to night. This is a style that you can rock with long or short hair and is perfect for keeping those layers in place. Once you have your hair extensions in flip your hair forward and create an upside down dutch braid from your neck to your crown. To do this take a two-inch section at the nape of your neck and divide it into three equal parts. To form the dutch braid by crossing the side sections over each other going under the middle.once you add a few strands and get your braid up to your crown secure it with a clear hair tie, the ends will stick out like a ponytail. Now you can pinch your braid gently so it looks full and wide. Now your braid is looking fab let’s create your bun. If you have a bun doughnut or an old sock it is time to grab them for a great shape. Place it at the tip of your hair and roll It down to the bass. Pin it in place and pull any loose strands you want to frame your face out. Add some hairspray and you are ready to go.


clip in hair extensions-old-school-front-twist


Old school front twist

This one has a great retro vibe to help you rock your style from day to night. This is a totally low maintenance look that you will look amazing in at a casual movie or girls night. Detangle your locks, add some serum and your hair extensions and get ready to create your style. This is one of the rare styles that doesn’t have a parting. Instead, you are going to comb all of your hair over to your left side, near your ear. Divide a section in front of your ear, you are going to form your finger loop with it. The trick is to twirl it up and around your index finger, away from your face. You may need to twirl it a few time so you don’t have the end section sticking out. Tuck the ends inside the roll and secure it with a few hairpins. This is the key to your look so you don’t want it to fall out. You could leave the rest of your hair down if you want but I love looping it too. Gather the rest of your hair to the side and twirl it around your finger again. You want this loop to be tighter so you can fasten it to your head. Roll it as neatly as possible then get those hairpins out again. This is a beautiful looking style so we don’t want it to fall out in the evening carry some extra hairpins and some hairspray with you.



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