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Top tips for keeping your colour bright

Authored By Aida Huget

Whether you dye your hair from a bottle or go to a salon the process is expensive but makes you feel great. Dying your hair or extensions can make you feel like you are reinventing yourself, creating a better version of you. No matter if you have had a bad day at work, at home or you are just stuck in a rut it is amazing that a need hair colour can turn things around. No matter what life throws at you I want you to be able to manage the little things that keep you happy and your hair colour is a big one. After dying my hair for years I have gathered some epic top tips that will help your colour last longer and your hair and extensions look and feel great.




Tip #1: try bronde before the blonde

Most of the world’s population is naturally brunette. That doesn’t mean you have to stay that way but being aware of what you started with. I have coloured hair blonde for ages so I can tell you from personal experience not to expect to have light blonde locks overnight. A lot of people go lighter for summer to complement their stunning tans so why not start with bronde. This in-between shade is stunning and suits your summer tan perfectly.



Tip #2: toning is crucial

We have all heard that toning your body is essential but what is crazy is that so many people neglect to tone their hair. No, I am not talking about push-ups but the purple or blue product that you put on your hair when lightening it. Toner helps to stop your hair from becoming brassy and horrible. Let’s face it brassy hair looks trashy, no-one wants that.



Tip #3: Take it cool

take cold showers to help keep the colour and vibrancy of your hair.


Tip #4:Prep your hair before you colour

You wouldn’t go for a run without stretching and colouring your hair is like a workout for your hair. Planning is key so two days before you plan to colour your hair, either from a box or in a salon, wash your hair. This is to get rid of product build up and you will want to use a deep conditioning treatment to make sure your hair is in good condition before you colour. If your hair or extensions are not in good condition you shouldn’t be dying or re-dying your locks. Even a top up can destroy your hair and actually destroy the quality of your colour as well.



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