With the changing of the seasons, you may also be craving a major change in your look. As summer descends upon us, it’s time to embrace the lighter things in life – including a lighter hair colour! Discover ash blonde hair, warm honey hues and retro golden manes or cool down from the heat with our best-selling icy platinum in our forecast for the top 10 trending blonde shades predicted for the summer season.

Top 10 Blonde Shades for Summer 2024

Syrup Blonde

Spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Zendaya and Jennifer Lawrence, syrup blonde gives a kind of velvety decadence and is set to turn heads and inspire envy wherever you go. Our range of Natural Sandy Blonde hair extensions are the perfect match for this sultry mixed blonde shade.

Bardot Blonde

For a sprinkling of 60s glamour, you can indulge in your inner Brigitte Bardot. Transport yourself to the golden age of Hollywood – walk along red carpets, pop champagne in a Parisian café or sunbathe along the French Riveria. With our Lightest Blonde hair extensions, you can become the diva you’ve always dreamed of being.

Ice Blonde

For those craving a cooler look, our shades Ice Platinum Blonde and Platinum BlondeMe are here to chill out your summer style. These icy tones add a touch of sophistication and edge to your look, perfect for hot summer nights on the town. Whether you're running errands after the office or sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar, these platinum hues will ensure you stand out.

Golden Blonde

Can't decide between blonde and brunette? Why not have the best of both worlds with Golden Blonde! This versatile shade combines golden blonde with hints of caramel and honey, offering shine glow and ‘Old Money’ aesthetic that compliments any summer wardrobe.

Barbie Blonde

Channel coastal, Malibu Barbie vibes with our perfect concoction of light blonde and golden highlights. This soft, luxurious Barbie Blonde is an instant stand-out and Margot Robbie-approved thanks to the hit film released last summer. Pair with your prettiest pink outfit for date night or brunch with the girls!

Pastel Blonde

Pastel peach and bubble-gum blonde are back in once again, achieved typically with semi-permanent hair dye for those of you seeking an ethereal, fairycore vibe. If you want a hint of soft grunge to your tresses in a way that’s easy to manage, begin by lightening your hair to a pale blonde base, ensuring a clean canvas for the pastel hue to flourish. Then, select a high-quality pastel pink hair dye and dilute it with conditioner to achieve your desired shade intensity.

If you’re after more volume, our Pastel Pink Extensions are available in a variety of different clip-ins and professional methods. Soft and delicate, it can be matched to most baby pink hues or added to your natural hair for a fun pop of colour.

Beach Blonde

Get that sun kissed, ‘just got back from the beach’ look with baby blonde highlights running throughout your tresses. Paired perfectly with natural beach waves, our Light Ash Blonde hair extensions capture the essence of sandy shores and ocean breezes, giving you that laid-back summer vibe no matter where you are.

Biscuit Blonde

For a delicious, lived-in blonde look, Biscuit Blondey offers the perfect balance between lighter and darker blonde hair extensions. It’s also no surprise that it’s the top selling shade in our collection! This knockout shade is perfect for those seeking natural looking highlights.

Strawberry Blonde


Add a touch of sweetness to your summer look with Strawberry Blonde hair. This warm, rosy hue is reminiscent of ripe strawberries in the sunshine, bringing a fresh, playful energy to your locks.

Butterscotch Blonde

Reminiscent of a warm September evening transitioning into autumn. Butterscotch Blonde is a sophisticated shade that marries creamy blonde undertones with hints of rich, toasty caramel, creating a luscious, multi-dimensional effect. This fudge-like mixture is one of our top selling mixed shades!

How to Choose The Best Shade For You

With so many gorgeous shades of blonde hair extensions to choose from, how do you find the one that's perfect for you? Consider your skin tone, natural hair colour, and personal style preferences. Cooler tones like platinum and ash blonde look best on fairer skin tones, while warmer shades like honey and caramel blonde enhance warmer undertones. If you're unsure, consult with a professional colourist who can help you find the ideal blonde shade to suit your individuality and hair type, or read our other latest blonde extensions blog: Blonde Hair Extensions: Which Shade is Right For You? for further guidance.


Summer is the perfect time to switch up your look and embrace the sunny vibes with a fresh new blonde hair colour. Whether you opt for beachy waves or sleek sophistication, there's a blonde shade out there waiting to make you shine. At Cliphair, we stock a wide variety of  Blonde Hair Extensions shades, so you can be sure that whatever colour you decide to dye your hair, there will be extensions to match. So go ahead and take the plunge, besides, blondes have more fun!

For the latest celebrity blonde hair inspo, get ahead of all the seasons and read our blog: 10 Celebrity Blonde Shades for This Winter.

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