Going lighter can make your hair look lovely but it can make it weaker and even (you guessed it) thinner. The solution? Blonde hair Extensions. There are several shades of blonde hair extensions and we know just how disheartening it is to find your ‘perfect blonde’, only to find it’s not even close to a match to your hair. That’s why today, we are talking you through all our different shades of blonde hair extensions.  With various shades designed to suit warm undertones and cool undertones, our range of blonde hair extension colours make it easy for you to find the perfect shade, whether you’re looking for blonde clip in hair extensions or blonde permanent hair extensions that keep their colour, of if you’re after blonde curly hair extensions. If you have blonde hair or want to go blonde, this blog is for you. Check out all of our blonde shades.

How To Choose A Blonde Shade?

blonde hair extensions

When choosing a new hair colour, there are a bunch of important factors to keep in consideration: your skin undertone, your eye colour, your daily makeup style, and last but not least (for obvious reasons, such as natural hair growth and regular touch-ups) your budget. Balayage and ombre shades, for example, are cheaper to maintain as they don’t require monthly appointments to touch up your roots.

Cool Undertones

Human complexions are made of lots of different palettes determined by hereditary factors such as eye colour, melanin, and hair pigmentation. Regardless of your ethnicity and skin tone, your undertone may be either cool, warm or neutral. Cool undertones are typical of those that can rock crisp silver jewellery and creamy neutrals in their clothing like no one else. If your skin has cooler undertones, resort to shades that are rich and textured with the colours of honey, strawberry, bleach blonde and golden blonde. These types of blonde work really well with curls, waves and bouncy blowouts that will keep you looking trendy and glamorous.

Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair extensions

Think of it as the lovechild between a natural, light and dreamy ginger colour and a delicate, compact shade of breath-taking blonde. With the recent boom of coppery shades taking over red carpets and runways, Strawberry blonde hair extensions are the perfect choice for you if you’d like to stay on the blonde side of things without missing out on being trendy. Find your match with strawberry blonde hair extensions to bring your natural tresses to life with new hairstyles, adding thickness and inches of iconic length.

Bleach Blonde

bleach blonde hair extensions

This is the edgy shade of blonde that gives Y2K vibes like no one else: just by looking at it I can hear the notes of "Stars Are Blind" by Paris Hilton and smell a gone-but-never-forgotten Britney Spears fragrance. Ideal for those who never grew out of their The Simple Life era, this gorgeous colour gains bonus points with people with naturally fair complexions, as it makes green and blue eyes pop like no one else. Bleach Blonde falls in the summer favourites category, but realistically this is the shade that keeps on giving all year around. Make it yours with bleach blonde hair extensions to add more body and length to your hair.

Slightly more yellow toned than the lightest blonde extensions, if your hair is a yellow toned bleach blonde colour, similar to Paris Hilton, then these are the extensions for you. As far as colour goes, the bleach blonde set is a warm toned blonde, with lighter hairs blended in for a more natural finish. This shade is perfect if you are a natural brunette trying to go blonde, as you can easily transition to this colour. You can also mix this shade with #18/613 hair extensions to give the effect of highlighted blonde hair.


goldilocks hair extensions

Let yourself go in the soft embrace of this warm, delightful blend of bleach blonde and golden tones. Named after the infamous blond-haired home invader of the fairy-tales, Goldilocks blonde features a lovely mix of popular shades for a rich, graceful and yet iconic, highlighted finish that will look gorgeously structured but natural, authentic and glamorous. Transform your blonde look with a set of Goldilocks human hair extensions to keep your mane classy and allow you to achieve dreamy hairstyles you could only think of.

Light Golden Blonde

light blonde hair extensions

A warm golden, honey shade of blonde, this honey-gold blonde is with a rich warmth. This shade works perfectly for ombre styles as well as a solid, full-head colour. If you have a richer, golden shade of blonde, then you should go for #16 hair extensions. The shade is still light but has a more golden hue, perfect for summery rich blondes. It has much more of a honey shade so it won’t make your skin look unnatural in comparison to your hair colour but will complement the golden pigments in your skin. It also complements those hazel eyes, just like Khloe Kardashian.

Warm Undertones

Rock your warm complexion with bright and lively blonde shades such as the popular best seller ice blonde, trendy Barbie blonde and sunkissed lightest brown to level up your hair game. Trendsetters and icons such as sisters and beauty moguls Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie have already tried them on with unprecedented success. Do you have brown doe eyes? These shades are particularly indicated for you!

Ice Blonde

platinum hair extensions

Brrr, it's getting chilly isn't it? Bright and icy, this Targaryen-like shade can either make you look like Marylin Monroe's walking legacy or like an edgy queen that never settles for less.
Our coolest blonde, ice blonde is ever so slightly more subtle than the lightest blonde and has ashy cool tones. It doesn’t get any cooler in undertone than this one. This strikingly beautiful shade of platinum blonde is a perfect shade for those who are looking for a cooler tone. Undoubtful class and fierceness are the key factors to this incredible shade, making it the ultimate platinum colour that you simply don't want to mess with! Ice blonde is a demanding shade (stock up on moisturising products and get ready to fix your roots every few weeks) that pays you back with unmatched versatility: you can style it in vintage Hollywood waves like a silver screen diva, an edgy ponytail like nowadays minimalist fashionistas, arrange it in creative braided updos for a Game Of Thrones-themed party, take a walk down memory lane with Y2K hairstyles or even keep it in a blunt haircut to look avantgarde and expensive. After all, there's a reason why Ice blonde hair extensions are one of our best sellers.

Barbie Blonde

barbie blonde hair extensions

Ready to feel like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? Although life in plastic may not be that fantastic, surely this deliciously creamy and expensive-looking shade will keep things interesting for you. Barbie Blonde introduces itself as the it girl of the blonde shades, and it's perfect for those trying to recreate a Y2K queen hairstyle in a slightly more modern key. Achieve a glowy look and become the main character of your own Mean Girls arch with this compact, satin-like shade. Barbie Blonde hair extensions are the number one accessory for the woman whose hair comes (almost) before anything else.

Lightest Brown

lightest brown hair extensions

When blonde isn’t too blonde, that’s when our lovely Lightest Brown hair extensions come into play. Sweet and graciously sophisticated, this shade has a princess-like feeling to it that stays versatile and offers a wide range of possibilities without boxing you in that Barbie California aesthetic. From expertly crafted old money-inspired outfits to youthful, peppy updos, lightest brown makes you achieve your goals by putting its unique blend of compact, creamy and soft-looking characteristics to work, with impeccable results. It’s quite hard not to fall for it! Chosen by celebrities such as Lily-Rose Depp, Lightest Brown is a versatile shade that works really well with a lot of different styles. Grab your light brown hair extensions and get that Hollywood look now!

Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions

light ash blonde hair extensions

If you think of a classic blonde bombshell from the movies, chances are they have a tone close to this exquisite ash blonde tone – a light blonde with a mix of ashy undertones that keeps things interesting with movement and dimension.  For more ash toned blondes, light ash blonde hair extensions are the perfect addition to supercharge their mane with newly-found volume, thickness, bounce, and length. Depending on your style, this type of hair extensions can help you achieve looks you could’ve only dreamed of, until today. Come and explore our collection of blonde hair extensions, find your perfect match, and step up your hair game once and for all. Perfect for ashier and more neutral shades of blonde, lacking that yellowness in their undertone.

Dark Blonde Hair Extensions

dark blonde hair extensions

Blonde with a hue of warm brown undertones, our dark blonde hair extensions are the deepest shade of blonde we have. This luxurious maple type of tone is also a great step for those of you who are just transitioning into blonde hair or want a very natural look. This rich and shiny blonde has beautiful warm tones to complement your complexion.

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones and those blessed with olive skin can never go wrong with ashy shades, dirty blondes and beige tones: from silver balayage mixed shades to compact colours such as light ash blonde, these types of blonde will bring you the best of both worlds. Chosen by celebrities like Beyonce, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift.

Lightest Blonde

light ash blonde hair extensions

Lightest blonde, as the name would suggest, our lightest blonde hue – a gorgeous white-blonde shade with both cool and warm undertones, capable of brightening any complexion with its natural glow. This stunning shade, definitely not for the faint-hearted, has a unique feeling to it – and it naturally appeals to modern Marilyn Monroe’s looking to plump their mane with more volume, thickness, and bounce, thanks to Lightest Blonde hair extensions. Bold, bright, and luminous, this shade will make you turn heads.

Lightest blonde works particularly well for those that have a lighter eye colour, such as blue, green, and even certain shades of hazel, and it’s often seen on symmer balayage hair jobs. 

Dirty Blonde

dirty blonde hair extensions

Blonde isn't just for dolls and princesses - it can be an incredibly powerful shade for a punk look too! If Dirty Blonde hair extensions could speak, it would tell you how its killer blend of Ash Brown and Bleach Blonde creates an unmatched daring, highlighted finish that will make you look and feel like a rockstar. Effortlessly cool and with a rebellious yet glamorous feel to it, this shade works wonders both on its own and when added to dark tresses, adding flashes of cheeky, cinder-like blonde underneath. Added to lighter, blonde hair it creates a game of depth and edginess that adds drama and a bit of hipster energy. Being the perfect medley of ashy tones and warmer colours, dirty blonde hair extensions are a versatile accessory to level up your hair game.

Silver Sand

silver sand hair extensions

There is something unique about silver hair, and those with a neutral undertone or olive skin might know this already. In case you missed the memo, here’s the thing: grey hair is trendy and glamorous, and it can be styled and arranged with a little touch of edginess too, such as with hair extensions to add fullness and body. Silver Sand hair extensions feature a trendy and youthful blend crafted to look naturally off-beat, not too grey but satisfying enough for those that are oh, so over classic blonde hair. If you're ready to embrace a new hairstyle and adopt a gloriously compact and unique new shade, here's the ultimate set of ash blonde hair extensions for you to add in your hair and get the mane of a superstar.

Butterscotch Blonde

butterscotch blonde hair extensions

If you have too many options, as it often appears to be the blessing of neutral-undertoned individuals, chances are you will be left pondering on too many colours, unable to make a choice. Luckily, this sticky-sweet shade has been designed for people like you. Light, delicate brown lowlights are deliciously mixed with golden blonde infusions to create a scrumptious, meringue-like blend of warm and cool hues. Naturally highlighted and enriched in depth and movement, Butterscotch Blonde hair has all the grace and sophisticated look of a classic blonde with subtle, sunkissed traces. Butterscotch Blonde hair extensions are the perfect product designed for those who want a bit of everything, making it the most glamorous compromise you will encounter.


Being a blonde isn’t just a matter of bleaching and toning your hair: it’s a lifestyle! After all, there’s a reason why some say blondes have more fun. Make sure you keep on top of your maintenance routine with repairing/nourishing hair masks accordingly and ultimately… Enjoy the power of being a fierce, elegant and gorgeous blonde!

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Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed this article – if you liked what you’ve read, share this with your friends and follow us on our Social Media channels to keep up with the latest trends, tips, guides, and more!

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