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Tips for the perfect blow-dry without damaging your hair

Tips for the perfect blow-dry without damaging your hair
Authored By Aida Huget

Blow drying your hair can have its toll, that is no secret. The thing is though, it looks so lovely when it is done. I must admit I try and opt for heat free options when I can because my hair likes to frizz over nothing but I have picked up some drying hacks that I want to share with you lovelies to control your manes like I have.


1. Pre-dry



This may sound counter-intuitive but dry your hair before you go for the hairdryer. If you are in a rush you can use a towel but this just adds to my frizz issues so, instead, I twist and wring my hair in the shower before I get out to remove excess water and prevent dripping then wrap it in a towel to change rooms.  A little tip I have found is brilliant is to leave your hair to partially naturally dry to save your hair some damage.


2. Opt for protection


Protecting your locks is so important when it comes to heat. If you have curly hair mix it in with some hair mousse and scrunch it into your hair.

3. Lower down the heat



If you have hair that tends to frizz or you have used products with too many nasty chemicals in them. This is a must. Take 20% off your normal heat will save your locks’ life. If you have curly locks or you are struggling with flat hair buying a defuser should be the first thing on your 2018 to buy list. It allows the air to spread evenly throughout all of your hair so it doesn’t burn some of your hair and doesn’t take as long to dry. Only half dry your hair leave the rest of your drying for your styling process.


4. The perfect finish



If you are going for to the effort or blow drying then you might as well go for glamour. I go with an old Hollywood style. Create a deep parting and you can either use a barrel brush and your hair dryer or switch to your curling iron. Use the large section of your barrel and wrap the lower half of a one inch section under and around the wand. Before letting the curl drop hold it in your had and pin it up. Repeat this for all of the sections of your hair and wait for them to cool. Once they have to spray them with hairspray before you take the pins out. If you want to leave your hair in loose curls just run your fingers through your hair this will give you a similar look as the Cliphair babe looks in this picture. If, however, you want to give it an old hollywood look lightly brush through your curls. This won’t completely undo your curls, don’t worry it just helps everything blend beautifully.


The final hair hack I have regarding blow drying is, don’t do it daily if you can avoid it and if you can’t make sure you deep treat your hair or hair extensions twice a week.


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